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    War Diary: 6th Airborne Armoured Recce Regt

    Month and year: July 1944

    The July 1944 War Diary for the 6th Airborne Recce Regiment covering their actions in July around Le Mesnil, ending with them taking taking responsibility for defence of bridges.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/435

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    11875812 Troops A Sqn and SqnHQ plus 4 M.M.G.HQ Sqn at LE MESNIL 1372, Remainder
    in Rest Area.
    20700Mortar Troop sent up to LE MESNIL to support attack by 8 Para Bn.; Attack
    not put in and Mortar Troop returned.
    32000Tpr Lammell was sent up to LE MESNIL to participate in a POLISH broadcast;
    owing to technical difficulties broadcast was not made, but Tpr Lammell
    acted as interrogator of two POLISH deserters.
    41830Two ME 109 over Regimental area engaged by captured German AA Gun, and One,
    unconfirmed, claimed shot down.
    50200Tpr Lammell participated in POLISH broadcast in the area LONGUEMARE 1475.
    0900M.M.Gs moved forward to positions in orchards area 144728.
    --Proposal for Tanks to operate in support of attack on LE MESNIL not
    carried out.
    62100At 142726 12 Russian deserters identified as 642 Bn OST came in through
    forward left M.G. post.
    71330During the course of a patrol by 12 Para Bn., at approx 145730, party were caught
    by M.G. fire from enemy posts supposed to be empty; Lt O'Hanlon went forward
    alone to give covering fire and received a bullet wound in the thigh.
    8/9Nothing to Report.
    101200F.W. 190 shot down by Unit AA Gun crew (unconfirmed).
    11First issue of bread 4oz per man.
    12Nothing to report.
    132200Tpr Lammell participated in POLISH broadcast oin LE MESNIL area.
    141445Approx 10 M.E. 109 crossed Regimental area from EAST to WEST and were
    engaged by AA Fire.
    15Road making begun across the Regimental area from Rd Junc 118757 to Bridge
    at 115761.
    16/17Nothing to Report.
    180630In connection with operation GOODWOOD 1 Jeep with 22 Set sent to
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    11875818 contco-operate with B.B.C. Recording van at BREVILLE 1374
    1100Regiment placed at 1 hours notice to move to Recce forward in the event of
    an Enemy withdrawl toward CABOURG.
    2245Enemy aircraft attacking vehicle movements in area 1175 dropped A/P Bombs
    in quarries adjacent to Regimental area.
    19Under Divisional arrangements Regiment provided listening sets on 11 Armd
    Guards Armd and 3 British Div nets.
    200900/1230Listening on 11 ArmdDiv net.
    1230 onListening on Guards Armd and 7 ArmdDiv nets.
    21Very heavy rain flooded area, R.H.Q. dugout evacuated.
    22Nothing to report.
    23Recce of disabled tank (knocked out on June 7th) carried out.See attached report Appendix 'A'
    24Observer from forward M.G. post saw Enemy party of four men wearing red
    berets at 145730; two were killed by snipers.
    25/26Nothing to report
    270130/0200Raid by Enemy Aircraft in area 1175. 2 Canisters of A/P Bombs fell in
    Regimental area, and 1 Canister in area A SqnHQ at 135726. 3 Large craters
    from H.E. Bombs in right forward troop area.
    28/29/30Nothing to Report.
    31Placed under command 5 Para Bde with responsibility for defence of Bridges
    in 1074