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    War Diary: 6th Green Howards

    Month and year: July 1944

    The 6th Green Howards July 1944 War Diary covers their actions and patrolling in the Longraye and Hottot area.

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/1302

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    794673Ref Maps 1/25000 Sheet 37/16 SW12000Bn still in occupation of the area NORTH of LA TAILLE. The
    enemy continued to be active throughout the day and approx
    250 shells and mortars fell within the Bn area.
    TILLY-SUR-SUELLES 1/50000 Sheet 7E /1 CAEN22000Little to report along the Bn Front. Small groups of enemy
    continued to harrass the fwd Coys without success. Further
    shelling and mortaring of the Bn Area throughout the day.
    30800Lt. Col. Cox Commanding 7th Green Howards visited the C.O. and
    a recce of the Bn dispositions prior to the proposed
    changeover was made.
    1130Brig F Knox visited Bn. H.Q. and discussed details of the
    changeover with the 2i/c (Major C Hull) in the absence of the C.O.
    1530Relief of the Bn by 7th Green Howards commenced
    2300Relief of the Bn by 7th G.H. almost complete and Command passed
    to 7th G.H. at midnight.
    The Bn moved into the reserve area of LA GALETTE(7768)
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    and occupied fields astride the rd with Bn H.Q. 779685 S Coy
    784671 B Coy 793693 C Coy 778686 D 778676.
    77968541600Capt R.F. Barnes and Lieut B.J. Digweed joined the Bn as
    reinforcements and were posted to D and C Coys respectively.
    The RMO (Capt Jones RAMC.) rejoined the 186 Fd Amb and his
    duties were taken over by Capt Wetherly-Mein RAMC.
    5Active patrolling of the LONGRAYE area 7866) was Carried out by
    A Coy during night 4/5 July.
    1600Capt J. Milton (2i/c B Coy) assumed duties of Bn IO in place
    .of Lieut. J. Clayton.
    No contact with enemy along the Bn. front.
    62000Active patrolling of the LONGRAYE area (7866) was again carried
    out during night 5/6 July by D Coy. Daylight patrols were also
    sent out to investigate suspected enemy activity in LONGRAYE
    village .
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    7796857Throughout the day a recce patrol and Mortar O.P. continued to
    probe the area of LONGRAYE village.
    8Further patrolling of the LONGRAYE area was continued throughout
    the day. Very little enemy activity was observed.
    91200Brigadier D.G. Gordon DSO Comd.151 Inf. Bde. visited the Bn.
    to inspect Coy localities.
    2000Daylight patrol continued to patrol the LONGRAYE area.
    10D Coy patrolled the LONGRAYE area during night 9/10 JULY.
    0915C.O. and I.O. proceeded to recce the area occupied by the 2 Essex
    Regt. in sq 7675 prior to the relief of that Bn. by 6 G. H.
    1200Bn moved out of the LA GALETTE area to take over from 2 Essex.
    7656542030Relief Complete and Bn dispersed as follows: -Bn. H.Q. 765654
    A Coy 773652 B Coy 767650 C Coy 767654 and D Coy 763652.
    112000Slight enemy activity on the Bn Front throughout the day. At
    2200 hrs Bn.H.Q. moved to new location at 766655.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    766655120800Active patrolling of the forward areas by C Coy during night 11/12.
    2000Continues contact with small parties of enemy during day along
    the Bn front. Mortar and MG positions located and engaged by
    Arty with success.
    130800Active patrolling of fwd areas by A and B Coy during night 12/13.
    2000C Coy relieved by B Coy and moved into forward positions. Enemy
    mortars which harrassed the fwd Coy during the day located
    and engaged by Arty. one mortar Completely silenced.
    2300C Coy engaged by enemy raiding party who came in shouting
    "KAMERAD" - the forward section made ready to take PW's were
    met with close range small arms fire. Casualties were inflicted
    by the enemy and one man taken back by the enemy who appeared
    to be badly in need of identification. D.F. tasks were called for.
    140800Increased shelling and mortaring of fwd Coy during the night,
    casualties reported. Active patrolling by D Coy during night 13/14
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    At least four enemy patrols encountered. Enemy seemed very
    much on the alert
    7666552000Further shelling and mortaring of Bn area during th e day. The
    result of the firing of Leaflets by 124 Fd Regt into enemy
    lines, three PW's gave themselves up to C Coy.
    150800C and D Coys heavilly shelled by enemy during night 14/15 -
    no casualties.
    1200B Coy relieved A Coy(fwd coy).
    2000Slight shelling and mortaring of Bn area during day.
    160800B Coy patrolled the fwd areas during night 15/16.
    1600A Coy had one engagement with small party of enemy who crept
    near to their fwd posns. Enemy engaged by S.A. fire and driven off.
    2030B Coy fighting patrol went to the Copse at 779649 and engaged
    8 enemy with Brens and 2"Mortar. Casualties inflicted on enemy.
    Patrol returned intact.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    171015C Coy Completed move to new location in area 766655 so as to
    maintain contact with 2 SWB's on our right.
    2000A quiet day within the Bn area. No enemy movement seen or heard.
    180700Much enemy tracked vehicle movement heard during night 17/18
    in front of Bn positions
    1200Daylight patrols into fwd areas discovered enemy in small numbers
    occupying the Copse at 779649, they were engaged by Arty and MG fire.
    2130Warning order issued to Bn to be ready to move forward from 2359 hrs.
    190600During the night 18/19 B Coy was moved fwd to occupy positions
    from 781641 to 785643 following the road SW of LE LION VERT
    (7964). This was accomplished without incident. No enemy were
    seen but numerous booby traps and mines were encountered.
    7666550630D and C Coy ordered to move fwd
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    D Coy moved fwd and took; up posns along the track NORTH of the
    BOIS DE ST GERMAIN (7764) and SE to; the main HOTTOT (8266) -LA CROIX
    DES LANSES (7763) road, to cover the right flank of the Bn advance.
    This was Completed by 0800 hrs. Both B and D Coys reported enemy
    AFV's in front of their posns and mines and booby traps were
    encountered. By 1200 hrs Bn had approached the HOTTOT - LE LION VERE
    rd at 783643 and progress towards the wood at 7963 was good.
    At 1300 hrs 56 Bde on our right encountered stiff enemy resistance
    NW od ST GERMAIN DECTOT (7762) and it was decided to withdraw the Bn
    into posns N LE LANDES in area 7864. By 2300 hrs Bn was dispersed
    as follows:- Bn.H.Q. at 785645, A Coy 784637, B Coy 787643, C Coy
    789642, D Coy 781642, Throughout the day the Bn was accurately
    shelled and mortared. A Coy encountered stiff enemy resistance
    in the orchards at 784637; but with the aid of one Trp of 24
    Lancers Cleared the place of spandaus which had held up the advance.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    785645200700Active patrolling of Bn LES LANDES area was carried out during
    the day and enemy spandaus and mortar posns were located and
    these were engaged by Bn mortars.
    21Further recce parties were sent to the wood at 7963 and to LES LANDES
    area, and gradually a clear picture was built up of enemy fwd
    outpost line in front of the Bn posns. Whenever possible Bn
    mortars engaged enemy spandaus and mortar positions. Coy areas
    were subject to much enemy harrassing fire from shells and mortars.
    785645Casualties were slight.
    220700A Coy laid 2" mortar smoke screen on LES LANDES (785634) and also
    :fired 2" mortar H.E. This op was successful in drawing enemy
    spandau and mortar fire. These were difficult to locate.
    Throughout the day there slight enemy activity along the Bn front.
    230700C Coy patrolled the LES LANDES area during night 22/23. Slight
    enemy shelling of Bn area during day otherwise the situation was quiet.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    24The area of LES LANDES was again patrolled by A and B coys during
    night of 23/24. A quiet day was experienced with little interference
    by the enemy.
    251900A sudden concentration of enemy shell into the Bn area brought
    a quiet day to a noisy end? Casualties were sustained.
    2200Air burst barrage was put down over enemy fwd posns prior to
    a propoganda broadcast which told the enemy of their awkward position
    and assured them of honourable treatment as PW's if they surrendered.
    2359Further concentration of enemy shells fell in C Coy area,
    where further Casualties resulted.
    261030The Div Commander S Maj.Gen.Graham, DSO. MC. ) visited Bn.H.Q.
    and conferred with the Adjt in the absence of the CO who was
    in the coy areas.
    2100The enemy commenced to shell heavily the Bn area especially
    area of cross-roads at 785643. This was kept up till midnight.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    785645270700Spasmodic shelling of Bn area during the night 26/27.
    0800C.O. and I.O. of 1 Devons visited Bn. H.Q. and discussed with the
    C.O. details of the relief of the Bn. By 1030 hrs the relieving
    C.O. was on possession of complete details necessary for the
    2100Relief of the Bn commenced and was complete by 2330 hrs.
    Bn marched to a rest area S of BAYEUX at LES FIETTLES(7773)
    777328 )The Bn dispersed in the rest area as follows: - Bn.H.Q. 767728,
    29 )A Coy 767727, B Coy 772726, C Coy 768729, D Coy 766729,S Coy
    30 )766728. Bath parades were organised and various entertainments
    31 )were provided including a visit from George and Beryl Formby.