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    War Diary: 7th Bn Royal Tank Regiment

    Month and year: March 1944

    The 7th Battalion Royal Tank Regiment March 1944 war diary covers the units time in Otterden

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/868

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Otterden1 MarLieut.D.Lilley posted to RAC Tactical School, Oxford.
    4 MarStrength Officers 46 (see Appx A) plus Chaplain and EME. ORs 732 (see Appx B)
    REME (see Appx C). 25 O.Rs.
    6 MarLieut. P.H. Guthrie posted from X (11) List.
    7 MarT/Major R.B. Fleming posted to 5th Bn. Royal Tank Regiment.
    8 MarBn moves to AFV Ranges, Warcop.
    11 Marstrength Officers 47 (See Appx D) plus Chaplain and EME. ORs 733 (See Appx E
    REME 25 ORs (see Appx F)
    11 MarLieut. D.C. Lincoln posted from 26 Assault Sqn RE.
    11 MarLieut G.R.Archer posted from 284 Assault Sqn RE
    13 MarBn returns to normal location.
    17 MarT/Major. F.W. Coombes posted from AFV School.
    18 MarT/Major, J. McN. Sidey posted to Westminster Dragoons.
    18 MarStrength Offrs 48 (See Appx G) plus Chaplain and EME. ORs 726 (See Appx H)
    REME 24 ORs (See Appx I)
    21 MarLieut. C. F. Hutchison posted to 190 Fd Amb RAMC.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and Information
    Otterden23 MarBn move to South Downs Trg Area. and established in HOVE, SUSSEX
    25 MarStrength Offrs 47 (See Appx J) plus Chaplain and EME. ORs 771 (See Appx K)
    REME 24 ORs (See Appx L)
    26 Mar2/Lieut, J.B.Midgley examined by Medical Board and placed in Medical category
    D' for two months.