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    War Diary: 99th HAA Regiment

    Month and year: December 1944

    The 99th Heavy Anti-Aircraft (London Welsh) Regiment December 1944 war diary covers the units time in Belgium in the area around Ostend, Louvain and Winge St George

    National Archive Reference: WO 171/1149

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    OSTENDE1 DecMonthly schedule of AA Firing attachedAppx F.1
    Submitted Intelligence Report attachedAppx.F.2
    110 HAA Regt's Recce Parties reported
    1671 Arty Pl RASC came under operational control. Received 75 AA Bde
    O.O.No.21 dated 30 Nov and Admin Order No. 21 dtd 30 Nov. Original only.Appx.E.1
    2 DecReceived 101 AA Bde O.O.No.13 dtd 1 Dec 44. Held Orders Group. Issued
    further orders in letter S/26 dtd 2 Dec 44.Appx.D.1
    3 DecPreparing to move.
    4 DecMain body 110 HAA Regt came in and hand overs took place. Btys moved
    to an RV and bivouac area near THOROUT in pouring rain.
    5 Dec0700Regt commenced to move to LOUVAIN.
    LOUVAIN6 DecFour sites in action at new location.
    7 DecAll sites in action at new locations. Very poor sites. Mud indescribable.
    8 DecNothing unusual to report.
    9/17 DecNothing unusual to report.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    LOUVAIN18Received orders to quit Chateau d'Arenberg it being an ancient memorial
    WINGHE ST GEORGE19R.H.Q. changed location.
    20Received orders to come under operational control 80 AA Bde if required
    in ground role.
    21Received orders from 80 AA Bde to establish O.Ps for H.F. on roads near
    TIRLEMONT and DIEST if necessary and to recce anti-tank positions.
    22QPs established and anti-tank positions recced. Wireless net completed
    for this purpose with loan of 22 sets and 36 sets from 114 LAA Regt
    and RCOS respectively.
    23/24Nothing unusual to report. Awaiting enemy movements and orders.
    25Christmas Day. A good time had by all! regardless of forthcoming events.
    26Received Top Secret Op Order No. 14 from 80 AA Bde and instructed Btys
    27Visited by MGRA who spoke on future use of 3.7 AA gun in ground role.
    Established communication with 3 AGRA
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    WINGE ST GEORGE28Awaiting orders from 3 AGRA. Training for Medium Field Role.
    29/30Nothing unusual to report.
    31Nothing unusual to report.