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    War Diary: No 3 Commando

    Month and year: July 1944

    The No 3 Commando war diary for July 1944 follows the units continued fighting while based in Chateau d'Amfreville.

    This document contained appendices which have not yet been transcribed but will be added in the future.

    National Archive Reference: WO 218/65

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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    CHATEAU d'AMFRIOVILLE10800Low flying enemy plane sighted and fired on by our A.A.
    0935Message from Bde : 4 Commando snipers will operate all area LONGUEMARE FARM,
    10301 Troop reports that 4 shells of doubtful origin have fallen in forward area.
    1035I.O. informs Bde of report. Reply says that we must assume shells are of
    enemy origin and to report if further shells fall closer to our posns.
    1100Captain Gordon (6 Air Ldg BdeB.M.) calls to see C.O.
    1120Our A.A. opens fire again for two minutes.
    1205Message to Troops : A 6 Commando patrol to LONGUEMARE area leaving 1215 hours,
    probably through our lines and probably with jeeps.
    1455Col Roberts (6 Air Ldg Bde) visits C.O.
    1500I.O. and Bde Provost Officer go to AMFREVILLE to search for suspected enemy
    wireless transmitter.
    1530C.O. goes to 2 Troop.
    1600I.O. returns. No result
    1908Message from 1 Troop: 7 Shells have landed approx 300 yards in front of our
    posn. There is a 2 or 3 second interval between report and landing of shell.
    1935ME 109 with bomb still slung flying over our lines. A.A. opens up.
    2120Enemy shells (16) fell in area of Church at LE PLEIN.
    20131Message from 1 Troop: Fire from 3 MGs. Mortar barrage and verey lights by
    our friends. Fire coming from LONGUEMARE. Has been one red and two white
    verey lights fired. Fire seems to be defensive.
    0140Message from Bde: Use wireless link for passing shell REPS to 4 SS Bde.
    0150From 1 Troop: The firing has died down. It seems the enemy was using all
    his automatic weapons incl 20 mm AA gun firing on ground level. Think that
    firing has died down because of ammunition shortage.
    0230Three casualties from 2 Troop evacuated. 2 Troop have been on Bde Mortar
    shoot. Casualties are Sjt Saggers, Cpl Saggers and Cpl Binnie.
    0250Capt Kneeves (45 Cdo) calls to see if all our Mortar men have returned safely
    from shoot. Casualties were due to energy mortar reply.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    CHATEAU d'AMFREVILLE21100IO visits FDLs.
    1155IO returns and states that there is nothing to report.
    1730Captain Watson (RAC) and Ned Russell (New York Herald Tribune) call.
    1830Snipers will be in area 145752 and 145759 from 0500 until 2000 hours on 3rd.
    2100Message to Troops: Support patrol of this Unit wi1l operate area LONGUEMARE
    between 0130 and 0400 hours 3 Jul. Strength 20. Returning through
    own lines.
    2010Message from Bde: Minefield Serial No 10307 M.R. 122756 has been lifted.
    2020Message to Troops: Recce patrol from 6 Commando (1 Officer and 2 ORs) is
    proceeding to ORCHARD 147756 via LONGUEMARE FARM. Will cross our lines
    at 2330 hours. Returning same way at 0230 hours on 3 Jul 44.
    31045C.O. states that 3 Troop snipers may operate in area GDE FME DU BUISSON
    today. They must be careful not to shoot up 4 Commando snipers also in
    this area.
    11002 Oxfs & Bucks report on their activity 2/3 Jul. Fighting patrol of 3 officers
    and 40 men. Task to inflict casualties on enemy in wood 147747. Mortar
    and arty concentration as arranged. First 12 bombs fell short and one
    officer was wounded. Bangalore party looking for wire bumped into enemy
    section and were fired on by MG and small arms, Fire was returned by
    throwing 77 and 36 grenades. Patrol then retired to BREVILLE.
    1405C.O. goes to Bde to meet Lieut-General Browning G.O.C. Airborne Forces.
    1410Message sent to Troops: Two snipers from this Unit will operate in area
    of GDE FME DU BUISSON leaving 47 Cdo lines at approx 1500 hours today and
    remaining out up to three hours.
    1630C.O. returns to CHATEAU after visiting Bde and FDLs.
    1820I.O. returns from BAYEUX,
    1915I.O. reports to Bde.
    2100Capt Ponsford and 3 men to GDE FME DU BUISSON with a view to sniping.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    CHATEAU d'AMFREVILLE32100Message to Troops: Snipers from 4 Commando operating area LONGUEMARE 0430
    hours and 2100 hours on 4 Jul 44
    2200IO Returns
    22052 i/c and Provost Officer go to CHATEAU NIXON
    22091 Troop reports that two Germans, observed by TSM approached our posns.
    They were engaged with Bren and rifles. Withdrawal by enemy with haste.
    40425SITREP: Heavy small arms fire on right of LONGUEMARE area: Enemy sends
    up red verey lights.
    04405 Troop reports that their position came under fire from MGs about 400 to
    500 yards away.
    0800Enemy mortar bombs falling in road in front of 1 Troop:
    Spitfires fly over CHATEAU from direction enemy lines. About 30 seconds
    later two enemy fighters come from same direction, circle over CHATEAU,
    and then fly back to own territory.
    0900C.O. goes to BdeHQ.
    Large formations of Mitchells and Liberators observed crossing the coast
    and then splitting up and proceeding to different points
    1210I.O. reports that Last night's broadcast was complete failure owing to
    speakers being engaged from van and taken 2 to 300 yards in front of FDLs,
    1215C.O. returns.
    1350B.M. comes to HQ to see C.O.
    1500C.O. and party go to area GDE FME DU BUISSON for sniping tasks.
    1640C.O. returns to CHATEAU leaving party in BUISSON area.
    18104 enemy aircraft seen from CHATEAU in direction of CAEN. A.A. open up but
    no aircraft seen to be hit Aircraft fly out of observation into cloud.
    Message to Troops: Two pairs of snipers from this Unit will operate in
    area LONGUMARE until 2300 hours today. Out and in through this Units ines.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    CHATEAU d'AMFREVILLE41822A.A. opens fire again on four enemy aircraft. Presumably same aircraft as
    seen at 1810 hours: None seemed to be hit but fire was close to targets.
    2000Message to Troops: Party from 6 Commando crossing our lines approx 2300 hrs
    today. Returning same route at 0200 hrs 5 Jul. Proceeding by LONGUEMARE
    to attack orchard 147755.
    2015Message from Bde: Patrol and propaganda activity in areas 1375 and 1475
    between 2300 hours and 0500 hours. Naval fire an areas 155760 - 160758 -
    155744 - 155747 - 148753 - 150757 between 0300 hours and 0400 hours 5 Jul 44
    501301 Troop reports that casualty is coming in. One of 6 Commando.
    0135Casualty arrives. Wounds in face. Belongs to 6 Cdo patrol. Another man,
    L/C May hit in stomach and now lying in hedgerow opposite wood. Casualty
    reports that on reaching wood and enemy lines a mine or grenade exploded in
    front of him, wounding him in the face and also injuring L/C May. Cpl
    Wraith (casualty) then returned and was picked up by out troops.
    0200Adjutant informs 6 Commando who are taking necessary action.
    0410Tanks heard moving in our rear areas.
    Cpl Wraith despite his injuries has a good hold on himself. He is blind and
    had been unable to see when he made his way back to own lines.
    0415Adjutant on phone to 6 Troop. Bomb or shell falls and line goes dead.
    Jeep sent to 6 Troop to ascertain cause of this.
    0425Man from 6 Commando (with, stomach wound) is brought in to F.A.P.
    0430Adjutant inspects HQ at Stand-to. Contacts Adjutant of 6 Commando and learns
    that rest of their patrol have returned safely.
    6 Troop report that shell has landed in garden at CHATEAU NIXON
    1020Message to Bde and Troops: Our Vickers will fire maximum range at 1100 hours.
    1050C.O. and 2 i/c visit FDLs.
    1100IO from 6 Cdo calls and reports that their patrol of last night had several
    casualties (10 wounded 1 missing). Cause was enemy booby traps.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    CHATEAU d'AMFREVILLE51105I.O to goes to FDLs.
    1235I.O. returns to CHATEAU.
    1245C.O. and 2i/c returns from FDLs .
    Message to Troops: 4 Commando testing weapons at 1600 hours today.
    1330Captain Ponsford calls and reports that 3 Troop snipers have returned and
    have nothing to report.
    1350Message to Bde and Troops: 5 Snipers will operate GDE FME DU BUISSON area
    between 1500 and 1800 hours today.
    1630Message from Bde: Please forward 8 figure Map Ref of all artyO.Ps in your
    1740Message to Bde: ArtyO.P. located 13257555. This O.P. manned by Unit.
    1815Message to Troops:- Patrol from 3 Troop (1 officer and 9 ORs) will operate
    in area GDE FME DU BUISSON 1900 hours to 2200 hours today. Out and in
    through own lines.
    1850Message to Troops: Forward trace of proposed wire defences or of such
    defences already existing.
    2330Shells passing over head and falling in our rear towards beaches.
    60800Our bombers are attacking targets in area of CAEN.
    1130C.O. goes out to visit FDLs ,
    12403 shells pass overhead and landed somewhere in area of quarries in rear.
    Interval between shells approximately 5 minutes.
    1845Shells again passing overhead and landing in rear areas.
    1900Liberators observed crossing coast and flying due SOUTH
    1945Message from Bde: Password may be compromised for tonight. Caution
    advised in challenging.
    70945C.O: goes to BdeHQ.
    1032Lt-Col Palmer (CO 41 Cdo) calls to see C.O.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    CHATEAU d'AMFREVILLE71040Three ME 109's machine gunning our area from 30 feet. Fly directly over
    CHATEAU in direction of quarries. No casualties reported Pall of smoke
    and flame observed in rear of BdeHQ.
    11002 i/c and I.O to BREVILLE
    Oil Truck at Bde was hit by aircraft.
    12402 i/c and I.O. return.
    1445Message to Bde and Troops: 2 Recce patrols of 1 officer and 3 ORs each to
    Orchards 142745 - 145746.
    1530Patrols out.
    See Appx 1B: No 1
    18102 i/c leaves to contact patrols.
    1825C.O. returns.
    1920Captain Gregory (New FOO to Bde) calls to see C.O.
    2130IO to 6 Airborne DivHQ.
    2150Large formations of our bombers are bombing CAEN area.
    2230Bombing over. Large palls of smoke over CAEN area. Bombing was observed
    and seemed accurate. One bomber seen to crash in flames. Another landed
    on air strip.
    Brigadier D. Mills-Roberts DSOMC. visits C.O.
    801201 Troop reports that red verey light was seen in area LONGUEMARE. This was
    followed by enemy fire from same direction.
    0220Shell Rep. From 1 Troop: M.R. of observer 13257555. Nature of gun - SP.
    Bearing to flash 113° Mag.
    0435Shell Rep: From 1 Troop: Number and nature of guns 3 with calibre 75 mm.
    Bearing 119° Mag.
    1030IO 6 Commando Calls to gain information about our patrols of yesterday.
    1100IO to 6 Airborne DivHQ.
    1130C.O. visited by M.Picard (French civilian). He takes away his car to BAYEUX
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    CHATEAU d'AMFREVILLE81200Captain Gregory (FOO) calls on 2 i/c regarding ArtyD.F. tasks in front of
    FDLs and a proposed tele line to O.P. in CHURCH,
    1215I.O. returns from DIVHQ. Says that Last night CAEN area was bombed by
    460 Lancasters and Halifaxes. About 2,000 tons of bombs dropped. This
    morning our troops have taken 5 villages. HEROUVIILE - LEBISEY - EPRON -
    BURON - GRUCHY. Further advances are expected today.
    1255Message from 45 Cdo : Standing patrol in area LONGUEMARE will be maintained
    until 1830 hours 9 Jul 44. Snipers operate areas 145735 and 144745. Recce
    patrols will operate area ORCHARD 143747 from 1700 util 0400 8/9 Jul.
    Route out and return through 4 Commando lines.
    2109Message to Troops: 4 Commando D.F. tasks for tonight 8/9 jul will be red,
    white, green verey lights when calling Vickers fire from 2 O.B.L.I. across
    their front. W.E.F. 9/10 Jul line communications will be used.
    Message from Bde: Enemy FDLs to have mortar and shell fire at 30 minute
    intervals until 2230 hours.
    2130Trp Bromley (4 Troop) received wounds when one of our mortar bombs, presumed
    faulty, fell short of target. Evacuated through F.A.P.
    90230Message from 1 Troop: 45 Cdo patrol have run into enemy fire coming from
    direction WEST of LONGUEMARE FARM.
    1030C.O. and Padre out to visit FDLs.
    Major A. Komrower DSO (formerly of 3 Commando) arrives and goes with C.O. to
    1045IO to DIVHQ.
    1100I.O. returns and says that our troops are still advancing in CAEN area.
    1130C.O. and party return.
    1240Message from 45 Cdo: Ambush patrol will operate in area ORCHARD 143746 between
    1400 hours - 1700 hours. Route Out and in through 4 Cdo.
    1410Message from Bde: All COs to report to 6 Airborne HQ immediately.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    CHATEAU d'AMFREVILLE91420C.O. leaves for 6 Airborne Div.
    1500C.O. returns to CHATEAU,
    1445Message from 45 RM Commando: Raid is being carried out in area of LONGUEMARE
    . ORCHARD 148749 between 2300 hours and 0400. hours 9/10 Jul 44.
    1905Major Woyevedsky calls to see C.O.
    1945Message to Troops: 41 RM Commando will fire MMGs from position forward of
    1 Troops FDLs commencing 2203 terminating 2300 hours. In and out through
    1 Troop lines.
    2055Captain Bartholomew (OC 2 Troop) calls on Adjt regarding 45 Commando firing
    Vickers tonight in front of 2 Troops FDLs.
    23051 Troop reports 3 big flashes from Sq 1879 on Mag bearing 62° from 13257555
    This report passed to Bde. ShellS not passing over. Adjutant informed
    this information not passed to Plotting centre.
    100015Fire plan commenced for operation BRUSH (45 RM Cdo's Op).
    1045IO of 6 Commando calls.
    1050Captain Lloyd (1 SS Bde) calls to see Padre respecting Trp Haywards grave.
    Message to Troops: Standing Patrol and snipers from this Unit (45 RM Cdo)
    will operate LONGUEMARE area leaving 3 Cdo lines. Will return same way at
    1730 hours.
    1110A.A. fire opens up on 5 enemy fighters flying in direction of own lines. Two
    are seen to be hit.
    1130All Troops warned that many apparently loose signal cable and phone wires have
    been booby trapped with egg grenades. Troops should not step on or pull
    these wires.
    1210A.A. fire on enemy plane flying over CHATEAU in direction of enemy lines.
    1430C.O. out to visit Troops
    1540Captain Smith (IO SS Bde.) calls to see CO regarding PROJECT,
    IO is detailed to obtain Moon periods and details of booby traps in
    project area.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    CHATEAU d'AMFREVILLE1016501 Troops reports that enemy six-barrelled mortar is dropping bombs on their
    immediate front 132755 from direction beyond BREVILLE;
    1700C.O wants O.C. 6 Troop to report here.
    2/Lieut Griffith gives information about wire and positions in LONGUEMARE area.
    1720No 4 Commando have established a listening post 135748 and will be manned
    day and night.
    1730Lieut Cunningham and 16 ORs (6 Troop) are on standing patrol at 143753.See Appx. 'B' No 2
    1820To Troops: Standing patrols from this Unit operate in LONGUEMARE area
    commencing 1830 hours today (.) Strength approx 15. These will continue
    through hours of darkness.
    2230From 1 Troop: Mortar bombs landed in front of our positions and near 6 Tp's
    patrol. One casualty in 6 Troop. Trp.Humphries is a casualty.
    2100Lieut Weedon and 13 Ors on Standing Patrol to area. 143746
    To Troops: No. 41 Cdo will maintain standing patrol in wood 130757 for 24
    hours each day. They will be responsible for observation of the two woods
    immediately NORTH of the one described.
    See Appx "B" No 3
    2300Lieut Baikie and 13 ORs out on patrol.
    110330Lieut Smith and 15 ORs on standing patrol in ORCHARD 144745.
    1115Troops are to test their weapons at 1500 hours.
    1335IO Leaves to visit standing patrol at LONGUEMARE FARM.
    1405Adjt Leaves to visit FDLs.
    1510Adjt returns.
    1530Trp McGonnigle reports that L/Sjt Grant (3 Troop) has been killed on patrol.
    Message from Bde: In view of the recent enemy attempts to infiltrate agents
    into Allied lines, forward troops area warned of the importance of detaining
    civilians attempting to pass in and out of our positions, They should be
    brought to Bde Field Security Section.
    Message from Bde: It is reported that British tanks are being shot up by own
    troops because of new cupola now fitted to some CHURCHILLS CROMWELL AND AVRE
    and will be fitted to SHERMANS.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    CHATEAU d'AMFREVILLE111540Message from Bde: MAPLAY is compromised and will not be used until further
    notice. Lieut Cunningham returns from standing patrol
    See Appx "B" No 4
    1745CO and IO return. They have been carrying out recce in area of 4 Troop
    patrol (ORCHARD)
    1833To Troops: Standing patrols from this Unit with snipers operating from
    145755 and ORCHARD 143746 during hours af darkness and daylight until further
    2000COIO and Padre out to 4 Troop area to see about the burial of Sjt Grant and
    of 4 Airborne men who have been found there.
    Our mortars are going out on Brigade shoot tonight.
    See Appx "B" No 5
    2230CSM Allen (GM) out on shoot with Vickers and crew.
    Attempt is being made to recover body of Sjt Grant and of the four Airborne
    soldiers. Three men arrive back to HQ and report that they are unable to
    carry out this task at present owing to enemy Verey lights being fired.
    Area is under enemy fire.
    See Appx. 'B' No 6
    120245Captain G. Pollard MC MM with party has recovered Sjt Grant's body and also
    two airborne men which have probably been lying there since D day.
    0730SITREP: No change.
    1030IO 6 Commando calls.
    1130L/Sjt Grant is buried.
    IO 41 Commando calls to see CO.
    11452 i/c Oxfs & Bucks calls to see IO about our standing patrols.
    Major DC Hopson (2 i/c) has been evacuated. He is ill (Malaria).
    1400IO and I Sjt out on patrol.
    1700IO returns. Reports uneventful.
    1745Registration by 150 FdRegt 130800 - 131000. First targets 143764 from LA
    . 2nd tgt 143759 from FARM 140753 (.) 41 Cdo are
    providing escort for FOO to FARM and will contact this Unit re route out.
    Patrols in areas 142760 and 140756 will be withdrawn for registration period.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    CHATEAU d'AMFREVILLE1218206 Troop reports being shelled by own artillery. Bde informed of this.
    18306 Troop reports that shells are now passing over towards enemy.
    1900Message from Bde: Mortars to stand by for Bde shoot.
    1930SITREP: No change.
    2300Mortars to stand down.
    130001Lieut Rae and standing patrol at ORCHARD 143646.See Appx, 'B' No 7
    0200The bodies of the two other airborne soldiers have been recovered and buried.
    0730SITREP: No change.
    0900Captain J.F Nixon MC out on patrol (snipers incl) with 15 ORs to area 145754See Appx 'B' No 8
    1110C.O. goes to Bde.
    1130I.O. to BdeHQ for information.
    1220IO returns. 41 Cdo to give information re patrolling in area LONGUEMARE.
    1410B.M. calls to see C.O.
    1530Lieut Ure and 14 ORs out on patrolSee Appx. 'B' No 9
    1750C.O. goes out to FDLs.
    1930SITREP: No change. C.O. goes to BdeHQ.
    2030IO goes to Bde and FDLs. Continuation of Standing Patrols in LONGUEMARE
    area and to EAST of BREVILLE (4 & 6 Troops) Probable duration Saturday.
    2230Low flying ME 109 heavily engaged by Bofors flew straight over LE PLEIN.
    2250Shells falling at rear of HQ.
    2300Lieut Cunningham and 15 ORs out on patrol, in area 144754 -,145755.See Appx. 'B' No 10
    140730SITREP: No change.
    0940Captain Lorraine (6 Cdo IO) called to see IO.
    1000Registration by arty begins. Tgts at 143764 from LA GDE FME, 143759 from
    farm 140753.
    1105Adjt Leaves for inspection of transport.
    13104 Troop patrol reports own shells falling in their posns. Bde informed.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    CHATEAU d'AMFREVILLE141200Lieut Rae and 20 ORs on standing patrol in ORCHARD 143746.See Appx. 'B' No 11
    1300Unveiling of War Memorial (to SS Bde Troops) at LE PLEIN also of celebration
    of 14 Jul. Detachments from each Commando to march round square after service
    by Abbe' de Naurois: Salute taken by Deputy Cmdr SS Group
    1440About 15 ME and FWs flying 2 - 3000 feet in open formation. Machine guns
    and cannon at Bridges: Engaged heavily by our A.A. Cloud hampers
    1530Lieut Baikie and 15 ORs out on patrol to LONGUEMARE, Sniping etc.
    See Appx. 'B' No 12
    1940Message from 4 Troop patrol saying that shells are falling
    20 yards in front of German Positions.
    SITREP : No change.
    21504 Troop patrol reports: 1 Officer and 2 ORs wounded. Want
    relief to come out and take over: 1 Man killed
    2155IO 41 Cdo calls and informs us of ambush patrol in area 145755
    We order 6 Troop standing patrol to withdraw at 2200 hours.
    2310IO returns from 4 Troop Patrol area. Patrol was withdrawn
    after evacuation of casualties. Enemy position mortared by
    Captain Pollard to finish withdrawal Trp Whittles killed,
    Lt Weedon, L/S McDonald, and Trp Barlow wounded.
    150010C.O. 4 Cdo rang up to ask if we had had casualties due to their
    MG fire;
    0730SITREP: No change.
    0930Major Henderson MC calls to see Adjt for purpose of liaison.
    1040IO leaves to visit a standing patrol at LONGUEMARE.
    Message from Bde: Civilian bridges at 099748 and 105746 will be
    closed 0600 today until further notice
    Army Bridges will be used.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    CHATEAU d'AMFREVILLE151215Burial of Trp Whittles in garden at CHATEAU d'AMFREVILLE
    Message from 4 SS Bde: Any movements on mud flats NORTH of line
    rd junc136771 - seawall to corner 122773 - bank R. ORNE -
    120770 thence to grid line 77 to canal will draw fire unless
    previous warning has been given to us with at least three hrs
    1520To Troops: 4 Cdo snipers will operate orchards 142750 and
    143745 from 1430 hrs today until further notice by day and
    recce patrols same area by night.
    Major Henderson MC calls to see Adjt.
    1800Lt Whitworth, East Riding Yeomanry, calls for information.
    1930SITREP: No changes
    During hours of darkness 9 Bde moved into area. East Riding
    Yeomanry tanks moved into immediate vicinity of CHATEAU d'
    . Also Staffordshire Yeomanry.
    160730SITREP: No change.
    0930Major Blissett calls regarding investiture.
    1100IO of East Ridings calls far information re area.
    1230Captains H. Smith and P. Clemence of East Ridings call.
    Message to Troops: Constructional Units including Bulldozer
    working in the Div Area to be given priority of movements.
    1445Enemy aircraft being engaged by A.A. fire.
    1930SITREP: No change.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    CHATEAU d'AMFREVILLE162030IO left for 6 Airborne Div.
    2300IO returns.
    170730Sitrep: No change.
    1200Message to Troops: No 4 Commando snipers working in area 143750
    and Orchard 143745 throughout the day and patrol in the same
    area during the hours of darkness.
    1842Mortar rep: Mortar firing bearing 81° landing opposite end of
    wall and 50 yards in front map reference 13257555 (lTroop)
    1930Sitrep: Ne change.
    2330Message to 2 Troop: Mortar Section stand by for Bde Mortar
    Shoots from first light to-morrow 18 July 44. Two Sections
    will operate at a time. 4 and 6 Commandos first Usual
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    CHATEAU d'AMFREVILLE180730Sitrep: No change.
    0545Air attack on enemy area WEST BOIS de BAVENT. Force used terrific.
    1100 Heavy Night Bombers, 1500 Day Bombers, 600 Medium
    Bombers, 400 Fighter Bombers (to be used three times) Total
    3600 (plus 800)
    0630Raid complete Gun barrage began.
    0700Tank units moved SOUTH.
    1100IO to BdeHQ. They have no news.
    1445Message from Bde.: A six barreled mortar is now operating
    against our friends bearing 151° magnetic.
    1450IO to Div. Large scale attack in progress. Three ArmdDivs
    2 InfDivs and Cdn Corps on EAST of R Orne.
    1620Sitrep: No change.
    1930Sitrep: No change.
    2040IO to Div and Troops.
    2253Shellrep from 1 Troop: OP. 13257555 151° Mag:
    2255IO returns.
    2305Enemy air attack. HQ dispersed. 2nd i/c and IO to 3 Troop.
    190010IO returns 3 Ammo trucks near CHATEAU d'AMFREVILLE hit by
    bombs and burning.
    Farm House at 4 Troop hit they report four men seriously
    0730Sitrep: No change.
    0920Brigadier D Mills-Roberts DSO MO and Major Knox called.
    1100Captain Harper-Gow calls to see C.O.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    CHATEAU d'AMFREVILLE191130Brigadier J.F. Durnford-Slater DSO and Captain CS Head MC call.
    1140Captain Sykes RE calls to demonstrate a new sniper suit. Taken to 3 Troop.
    1600SHELREP: 112° Mag. Plotting centre informed.
    1930SITREP: No change.
    2030IO out to visit 6 Airborne Div and Troops.
    2230IO returns.
    2350Short Air Raid. No bombs dropped near us.
    200430OC 1 Troop reports enemy firing from area of LONGUEMARE FARM,
    0730SITREP: No change.
    1930SITREP: No change.
    210730SITREP: No change.
    0945IO to 6 Airborne Div and FDLs.
    1230IO returns.
    1500Message to. Troops: Continuation of Propaganda Exercise. Smoke shoot will
    be carried out 1630 hours on enemy FDLs146746 and 146755. Warn all ranks
    that enemy deserters. will be brought to BdeHQ immediately.
    1630Major Powell (6 Cdo) call to give information about their activities.
    1930SITREP: No change.
    2200Message to Troops: Ten snipers from 6 Commando operating in area LONGUEMARE
    and LONGUEMARE FARM CROSS ROADS between 0730 hours and 2200 hours 22
    Jul 44. Parties going out and returning through this Unit lines.
    2300Message to Troops: As from 0800 hrs 22 Jul 6 Cdo snipers will operate
    LONGUEMARE FARM and ORCHARDS 143745 by day until 2200 hrs. 4 Cdo will
    continue to operate in area ORCHARD 143745 daily and nightly and will have
    standing patrol ORCHARD 143749 each night from 2230 hrs until 0700 hours.
    220730SITREP: No change.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    CHATEAU d'AMEREVILLE221030IO to COLLOMBELLES for information.
    1200IO returns.
    R.C. Padre calls to arrange RC Church Service tomorrow.
    1930SITREP: No change.
    2030IO to Airborne Div for information.
    2130Message to Troops: Patrol from 6 Commando operating as follows night 22/23
    Jul. Ambush Patrols at 143749 and 144753. Recce Patrol 147750. All parties
    going out 2325 hrs via this Unit lines. Returning same way 0430 hrs.
    2200IO returns.
    2240Artillery barrage.
    2255Slight enemy air activity.
    230445Mortar barrage of 41 Commando prior to raid on Ger, a
    0730SITREP: No change.
    0800C.O. and Adjt go to 9 Beach Bn to get reinforcements.
    1230Captain Harper-Gow called to arrange recruiting details with C.O.
    1810C.O. and Adjt return from Beach Bn. They have got 29 reinforcements.
    1930SITREP: No change.
    2000Message to Troops: A recce patrol from 6 Commando is proceeding to HOUSE 147750
    Going out through this Unit's lines 2300 hrs 23 Jul and returning same way
    0300 hrs 24 Jul 44.
    240730SITREP: NO change.
    1100Commanding Officer's Orders.
    141029 Reinforcements arrive.
    1600Captain Herper-Gow calls to see C.O.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    CHATEAU d'AMFREVILLE2419206 Barrelled mortars fired 140° Mag. from OP 13257555. Plotting centre
    1945Message to Troops: No 6 Cdo Patrol order No 1 of today is cancelled.
    Ordinary ambush patrol going out instead to area: LONGUEMARE CROSS ROADS,
    Going out 2300 hour 24 Jul 44 through this Unit's lines and returning same
    way at 0430 hours on 25 Jul 44.
    2000Small numbers of enemy aircraft flying over. They are engaged by A.A. fire.
    2050IO out to FDLs.
    2200Adjutant to 4 Troop.
    22304 Commando recce patrols will operate area of orchard 143745 between dusk and
    dawn 24/25 Jul. Route out and in through 4 Commando lines. Snipers will
    operate Orchards 143749 and 143745 from 0500 hours util 2200 hours
    25 Jul 44. Route in and out through 4 Commando lines,
    2240IO and Adjt return to HQ.
    250730SITREP: No change,
    1030C.O. makes following changes: Captain P.I. Bartholomew to command 5 Troop
    and to retain mortars under his command 2 Vickers to remain with 4 Troop
    who take over 2 Troop's posns and 2 Vickers to 1 Troop. 4 Troop take over
    from 5 Troop to 6 Commando.
    1100IO reports that British Canadian and American push started.
    C.O. and I.O. go to CAEN,
    1320C.O. and IO return.
    1420Brigade Major calls on C.O,
    1430C.O. inspected 3 Troop. Very satisfied.
    1530Brigadier J.F. Durnford-Stater DSO and Captain G.S. Head MC on C.O..
    1735I.O. to Brigade for information.
    1900Standing Patrol from No 45 Commando will operate area LONGUEMARE 139753 from 0730 hrs 36
    Jul until 0500 hrs. Route out and back through this Unit lines
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    Chateau D'Amfreville251930SITREP - No change.
    2100IO to 6 Airborne Div.
    2130Message to troops: Standing patrol from No 4 Cmdo will operate areas
    Orchard 143749 and 143745 between dusk and dawn 25/26 July. Route
    out and return through 4 Cmdo lines. Snipers will operate orchard
    during daylight 26 July until 1500 hrs.
    260255Shellrep: Enemy guns firing 96° from OP 13257555 area river under
    bombardment. 11 shells landed. Plotting centre informed.
    0730Sitrep: No change.
    1000Capt. Dorelly came to tell us that we have to send 1 Sgt and 1 O.R. to
    R.U.R. for sniping patrol.
    11352nd i/c visiting F.D.Ls.
    1400IO out for information.
    1930Sitrep: No change.
    2230IO returns.
    2240Message to troops - standing patrol from 45 (RM) Cmdo will operate area
    Longuemare Farm from 0400 hrs, 27 July until 0500 hrs, 28 July. Sniper
    patrols will operate area Orchards 145742 and 143749 during daylight.
    270130Enemy aircraft overhead.
    0730Sitrep: No change.
    0955Shellrep: 75 m.m. gun firing from 96° from OP 13257555. Plotting centre
    1020Shelrep: S.P. gun firing from 122° magnetic. O.P. 13257555. Plotting
    centre informed.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    Chateau d'AMFREVIILE.271245Message from Bde: 1 battery 51 Hy RegtRA will carry out shoots on following
    targets on Div front today. 01617190 - 183726 - 163766. - 183730.
    1545Message to troops - Weapons will be tested today at 1800 hrs. British
    and German automatics. Weapons will be aimed high towards enemy lines
    in N.E. direction.
    1815Col. P. Dawson DSO, C.O. 4 Cmdo calls to see C.O.
    1930SITREP: No change.
    2030I.O. to 6 Airborne Div. for information.
    2220I.O. returns.
    2230Message from Bde: When any of our aircraft are brought down, please report
    immediately the following details - time, type, how it was brought down,
    whether in combat or A.A. bearing of observer; bearing of plane.
    Message to troops - Standing patrols from 45 (RM) Cmdo will continue to
    operate in areas LONGUEMARE FARM cross roads - 144791 and orchard 143749
    until 0600 hrs 29 July 44. Recce and sniper patrols will operate excl.
    143745- including NORTHERN BOUNDARY during same period.
    2250Enemy aircraft over RANVILLE, being engaged by our A.A.
    280730SITREP: No change.
    1030I.O. to 6 Airborne Div for information.
    1200I.O. returns.
    1400Adjutant to F.D.Ls
    1500Adjutant returns.
    1930SITREP: no change.
    2230Slight enemy air activity.
    290210Message from Bde - All East to West traffic will use Tower Bridge from
    0600 hrs 29/30 Jury 44 and not repeat not Euston Bridge.
    0730SITREP: no change.
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    PlaceDateHourSummary of Events and InformationReferences to Appendices
    Chateau d'AMFREVILLE.2909303 Troop snipers out on patrolSee appendix 'B' No 13
    1450As from 1800 hrs today this Cmdo will maintain two standing patrols with
    snipers. Areas patrolled will be Orchard 143745, double hedge 145755.
    Approx strength of each patrol 12. Movement to and from areas will be
    via own lines.
    Lieut C.E. Rae with sniper patrol from 3 Tp out on patrol.
    See appendix 'B' No 14
    1800Capt. G Pollard MC MM out to Orchard 143746.
    6 TP patrol out to LONGUEMARE FARM.
    See appendix. 'B' No 15 See appendix.
    1930SITREP: no change.
    2030I.O. to F.D.Ls. with information.
    2230I.O. returns.
    300730SITREP: no change.
    09303 Tp snipers out.See appendix. 'B' No 16
    1245Capt. Ponsford and 4 snipers out.See appendix 'B' 17
    1630Snipers out from 3 Troop.See appendix. 'B' No 18
    1930SITREP: no change.
    2330Lieut. T. Thompson and 17 O.R.s out to area Orchard 143746.See appendix. 'B' No 19
    310630Message from Bde. Unit will move to LA MESNIL on 1 Aug 44.
    0730SITREP: no change.
    1000C.O. goes to recce new positions.
    1200Unit preparing to move to new Location.
    1930SITREP: no change.
    Movement Order issued to troops
    See appendix. 'I' No 1
    2330Enemy air activity.