9. At about 0800 hours on D + 4 heavy mortar fire fell on 6 Commando's positions. This was subsequently extended along the whole Brigade front. An attack was launched against 6 Commando at 0815 and probing attacks began on the positions occupied by 3 and 4 Commandos. These attacks were repulsed. Shortly afterwards an attack by two battalions came in against 4 Commando. Some infiltration took place, and for a time the Commando HQ was in danger. After much bitter fighting the enemy withdrew.

10. Further attacks took place in the afternoon but the defences remained intact. Captured enemy soldiers confirmed that the enemy had suffered very heavy casualties.

11. On D + 5 patrols entered SALLENELLES, on the left of the line, and AMEREVILLE, and found both places unoccupied. 4 SS Brigade moved across the ORNE and took up positions on the left of 1 SS Brigade.

12. On D + 6 12 Parachute Battalion was ordered to carry out an attack on BREVILLE. The attack was scheduled for 2100 and the troops formed up inside 1 SS Brigade area. A heavy artillery barrage proceeded the attack from which some shells fell short into 6 Commando's area. Several casualties were caused amongst whom was the Brigade Commander.

13. After D + 6 it appeared that the enemy was momentarily exhausted. The policy laid down by the Divisional Commander was to continue to wear them down by offensive patrolling and sniping. All units in 1 SS Brigade confirmed to this policy.

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