La Marefontaine Batterie

Located 2 ½ km inland from Gold Beach, La Marefontaine Batterie named Widerstandsnest 32 (Wn32) by the Germans had four concrete casemates housing 100-millimetre Czechoslovakian howitzers with a range of 9 km.

Despite being bombed on the morning of D-Day and then heavily bombarded by the British cruiser HMS Belfast the battery was still active on D-Day.

The battery did not have a direct view of the coast so relied on a telephone link with a fire command post to direct fire onto the beaches.

The garrison surrendered to the 7 Green Howards who were supported by 2 Crocodiles from 13 Troop of the 141st RAC (Royal Armoured Corps),the tanks were not required to use flame as the garrison surrendered after 2 rounds of 75mm and some BESA fire.

Marefontaine Battery is located on a lane forbidden to cars but is only a short walk from the adjoining road.

The capture of the battery is mentioned in both the 7 Green Howards war diary and the 141st Royal Armoured Corps war diary which are available on the site.

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Listing: La Marefontaine Batterie


Just off Rue Marefontaine
La Marefontaine


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