Title5 Parachute Brigade: operations in Normandy 1944 June - Sept
Description5 Parachute Bde: operations in Normandy 1944 June - Sept
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The role of the 6 British Airborne Division in the initial assault on the NORMANDY Coast was the seizing intact of the bridges over the River ORNE and Canal de CAEN, East of BENOUVILLE, and the establishing of a bridgehead East of the river to secure these crossings. In addition tasks were allotted of silencing a battery SE of MERVILLES and destroying certain bridges over the River DIVES.

The original intention of the Higher Command was to withdraw the Division to the United Kingdom as soon as practicable after the seaborne forces had passed through so that it could refit for further operations. As events turned out the Division could not be spared and it was thus able to play a worthy part in the advance to the SEINE.

As a result of the lengthened stay it is convenient to divide the operations of the Brigade into four parts:—

I The planning and preparation for the operation.

II The seizing of the RANVILLE Bridgehead and the period up to 16 June.

III The holding of the enlarged bridgehead 17 June - 18 August,


IV The pursuit to the River SEINE.

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