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This was by far the most successful attack the Battalion carried out during six days of heavy and continuous fighting, and the perfect co-operation of artillery, tanks and infantry really showed what could be done. There is no doubt that the enemy has to be blasted out of his positions is this very close country and after several not too successful attempts we had at last come upon the best method of beating the Boche. The weary look in the eyes of the men was once again replaced by keeness and eagerness and even after six days of fighting the defensive positions near Tilly were dug quicker and better than ever. It was a really first class attack, casualties were not very heavy, and once the attack started to move the spirits of the men gradually rose until they were on top of the world when they reached the final objective.

These positions near Tilly were held until the end of June and a policy of active patrolling and shoot up was carried out. As the enemy withdrew from positions sections or platoons were pushed forward and the whole Battalion defensive position extended and improved. The successes of the Battalion were not won lightly and by the end of June the Battalion had suffered the following casualties:

1 Missing
18 Wounded - 3 later died of wounds.

Other Ranks:
62 Killed
17 Missing
239 Wounded - 8 later died of wounds.

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