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The enemy reformed and put in a further attack at 1100 hours. The amount of noise indicated that a much stronger attack was being prepared and Lieut Kirk was ordered to withdraw from the Joint Post at his own discretion. The forward section over the railway embankment lost contact with the Platoon and came under heavy fire as it tried to withdraw over the line. The right forward section saw enemy infiltrating to the right, and, fearing he might be cut off if the enemy reached the road in his rear, Lieut Kirk sent out the Anti-Tank Gun and the remaining Carriers and withdrew Conde.

The withdrawal was covered by heavy artillery and mortar fire and once our force was clear of the Joint Post a heavy concentration was put down. Artillery fire was directed by under Cummings from a farm-house in Conde.

The forward section, which had been cut off, played a rather serious game of hide and seek in the wood on the left flank, two men rejoining D Company at 1430 hours and the Section Leader and one man at 1730 hours, leaving three men reported missing.

The enemy made no advance towards Conde and had probably had quite enough with the Artillery barrage. On the next day he was reported to have left the Joint Post which was finally re-occupied without opposition on June 10 by Captain D. Rome and a Platoon of B Company, with Carriers and an Anti-Tank gun as before. A similar force from 69 Brigade was there and Captain Rome was able to salvage many of the bicycles which had been left by the Platoon of D Company during their withdrawals.

Total casualties during these actions were: one officer wounded, 2 Other Ranks Killed, five wounded and three missing, and in addition one carrier had been destroyed.

June 9 will stand out as a Red Letter day for A Company during this Campaign. Major R. Galloway MC, had occupied a strong defensive position at a cross roads 815740, with a shoot of at least 300 yards down the perfectly straight main road Bayeux - Tilly; and across flat country.

The day really started after lunch when a 4 seater German Staff Car came bowling along the road. It was quite evident by the way the car was driven that the occupants had no knowledge of our being in the area. A Company forward Platoon waited until the car was within fifty yards range and then opened up with LMGs. The two occupants - an officer of 130 Artillery Regt Pz Lehr Div and a private of 915 Gr Regt, 352 Inf Div - were killed immediately and the car crashed into the side of the road.

This first bloodless success put A Company on top or the world and just after tea their spirits were lifted even higher. A half-tracked personnel Carrier came steadily up the road, again with no escort or protection. A Company allowed the truck to within thirty yards before the leading section opened fire. The driver and his mate immediately jumped out and gave themselves up. They belonged to 130 Pz Lehr Div, were 40 to 45 years old, and were employed on L of C work. Their truck contained a full load of SAA, hand grenades and 50mm Mortar Amn. On being questioned they stated that they had been told the front line was at least another 10 Kms to the North, which explains the lack of precautions taken by A Company's first two kills.

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