TitleLanding of the 1st BN The Hampshire Regiment. June 6th 1944.
Description1 Bn. Hampshire Regt.: the landing, 1944 June
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1. PLAN. REF MAP:- BAYEUX 1. 80,000.

The plan for the landing was roughly as follows:-

(a) The Bn would land on the RIGHT of the Brit sector at a pt just to the WEST of LE HAMEL 8786 along the sector of the coast approx bounded by EASTINGS 88 and 89 with two asslt coys, and two follow up coys, landing 20 mins later.

(b) The op would be divided into three phases:- Phase 1."Pigs" " 2."Grape" " 3."Pear”

Phase 1. consisted of landing and seizing the immediate precinets of the beach and sand dunes.

Phase 2. Included:- (i) RIGHT Coy moving to WEST and capturing LE HAMEL and all buildings on waters edge.(ii) LEFT Coy moving to S.W. and capture ASNELLES-SUR—MER and clearing enemy from all buildings landing SOUTH out of the Village.(iii) The Bn to reform and capture ARROMANCHE 8486 - TRACY-SUR-MER 8386 - MANVIOUX 8286.


It was considered that after the initial assault, it would be difficult to give Tps immediate Sp from air and sea, although there were many "forward observers bombardment" with the job of selecting specific targets further inland. It was therefore decided to put as much as possible into the initial asslt and "run in" all 3 stopping when the assaulting craft were within 100x of the beach. This consisted of the following (Details of which are unavailable) :-

(a) NAVAL. A considerable Naval Force consisting of cruisers and destroyers softening up the beachhead during the run in.

(b) AIR. A large programme incl big bombers and R/P fighter bombers to partake in the same softening up process during the run in.

(c) D.D.TKS.(i). One Sqd of D.D.Tks to land on the beach five mins before Infantry - take up firing positions on edge of water to cover the Tps in, taking on any immediate targets.(ii) To come under comd Inf Coys after landing to help secure beachead.

(d) S.P.Guns. To take on prearranged targets during there run in behind the assult Coys.

(e) ROCKET CRAFT. To run in alongside the asslt craft and plaster the most likely targets with rocket shells.

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