Pegasus Bridge

On the morning of the 6th June 1944 at 00:16 members of the 6th Airborne Division landed in 3 gliders taking the German defenders by surprise and capturing the bridge intact after a brief 15 minute skirmish. Lieutenant Herbert Denham Brotheridge was killed while storming the bridge after being shot in the neck by a German machine gun, he is considered to be the first Allied soldier killed in action on D-Day and is now buried in Ranville church yard.

The bridge was originally known as Bénouville Bridge but was later renamed to Pegasus Bridge after the emblem worn by British airborne forces. The original bridge was replaced in 1994 when the canal was widened with a larger bridge that resembles the original. The original bridge can now been seen at the nearby Musée Memorial Pegasus.

Today there are 3 monuments marking the point where each of the gliders landed and a bust of John Howard.

Major John Howard

Distinguished Service Order

Company Commander of "D" Company 2nd Battalion Oxfordshire
and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry who were part of
6 Airborne Division

In the early hours of 6 June 1944 one hundred and eighty
men led by Major Howard landed according to plan in six
gliders and captured intact the bridges over the Caen
Canal and River Orne

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Listing: Pegasus Bridge


Avenue du Commandant Kieffer


Bofors anti-aircraft gun, Benouville

Bofors anti-aircraft gun, Benouville

0.04 miles away

A Bofors 44mm Anti Aircraft gun located at the western end of Pegasus Bridge opposite Cafe Gondree.

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Bénouville 6th Airborne Division and Lord Lovat's Commando memorial

Bénouville 6th Airborne Division and Lord Lovat's Commando memorial

0.06 miles away

A memorial to the 6th Airborne Division and Lord Lovat's Commando located between Pegasus Bridge and Bénouville town hall.

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Musee Memorial Pegasus

Musee Memorial Pegasus

0.11 miles away

The Musée Memorial Pegasus at Ranville-Bénouville is dedicated to the men of the British 6th Airborne Division who were the first Allied troops to arrive in Normandy on the night of the 5th/6th of June 1944.

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