maximum use of every available naval, military and air weapon in a very carefully integrated scheme. The general plan for the support of 50 (N) Infantry Division was an follows:

(a) Heavy and medium bombing attacks on pre-selected targets such as hostile batteries during the period H-30 minutes to H hour.

(b) Pre-arranged naval bombardment of hostile batteries by cruisers from Sunrise - 40 minutes to H+4 1/2 hours.

(c) Observed fire support by SP artillery and 1 RM Assault Regiment. 1 RM Assault Regiment was equipped with CENTAUR tanks armed with 95 mm howitzers. They were carried in LCT(A) during the run in and their jobs were:

(i) to bomb targets in the beach area from the sea by direct fire.

(ii) subsequently to deploy as additional field artillery under command of the field regiments. For allocation see pare 31 above.

(d) Support by observed fire from FLEET and HUNT Class destroyers and by support craft of FORCE "G" ie LCT ( R),LCG (L),LCS etc.

(c) Two fighter bomber squadrons in the air and under control 50 (N) Infantry Division for engagement of opportunity targets. One squadron was allotted to each of the assault brigades.

33. The naval and air support is NOT considered in any further detail.

34. Targets during the run in were fired on from H-45 minutes to H+7 minutes in order to neutralise

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