Title6 Airlanding Bde: report by R. Signals section, 1944 June
Description6 Airlanding Bde.: report by R. Signals section, 1944 June
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SUBJECT:- History of present ops

To:- B.M., 6 Airlanding Bde

Reference your letter dated 24 Jun 44, the following is a report on the part played by R Signals section, 6 Airlanding Bde, in the present ops up to 25 Jun 44.

June 6th: At approximately 1900 hrs, 2 Officers, (Capt Proudman and Lieut Gilbert),2 Sjts, (Sjt Arnfield and Sjt Weinert) and 39 ORs with 6 W/T Jeeps, 2 trailers 76 set),1 line jeep, and 6 lightweight MCs, took off with Bde HQ, from Brize Norton Airfield. At about the same time, each bn, with dets of 6 ORs, and 2 WT Jeeps each took off for France.

Bde HQ gliders touched down in France at approximately 2115 hrs, and the various dets started arriving at the pre-arranged RV. Only 1 Officer (Captain Proudman),1 Sjt (Sjt Weinert) and 34 0Rs, with 5 W/T Jeeps, 1 trailer (76 set),1 line jeep, 5 lightweight MCs arrived, owing to the fact that 1 glider had crashed at take-off, and Lieut Gilbert, (2 i/c Section),Sjt Arnfield (Section Sjt),with 5 ORs, 1 W/T Jeep (Signal Office),trailer (76 set),and 1 lightweight MC did not arrive; apart from that one mishap, every other item of equipment arrived in perfect condition.

I immediately detailed Sjt Weinert as 2 i/c Section, Cpl Gibbon as Section Sjt, (both ranks to be unpaid, etc).

W/T comns were opened and established within 15 minutes of landing. No trouble at all was experienced over what must be admitted to bo ridicu- lously short distances.

I was ordered by BM, that lines would not be laid till positions were more static and secure.

A Signal Office was immediately established, the first DR set off for Div at 2315 hrs.

As darkness fell, all personnel not on sets or other duties wore scon digging with great gusto!

June 7th: Comns still rely on W/T. During the afternoon, No.14407056, Sigmn Fone R.J. , was shot through the head whilst on duty on rear link set to Div. Today we all had our first impression of shelling, etc, the sets needed a lot of nursing, but apart from FOOs, all behaved pretty well, however; FOO comns were very soon re-established; during the 15 minutes when FOOs were out of comn, messages were passed over Bde R/T rear link, and RA support continued without delay. During the battle, Sjt Weinert was slightly wounded by shrapnel, but was able to carry on after having the wound dressed at the MDS.

As darkness fell, many people were seen digging deeper and deeper. We had all learnt our lesson - a narrow top and at least 4-ft 6-ins deep !

June 8th: Today we started laying line, and by early afternoon had one line to each Bn and one to Div; an laid their laterals. It was sticky work especially on the river bank, and we managed to fire our first shots in anger with Stens at about 200 yds !! Cpl Edwards should be commended for extremely good work under very difficult conditions. At about 2215 hrs; tho sea-borne party arrived complete with 15 ORs and various equipment. Today we had no casualties but people still dug deeper.

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