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June 25th: I visited Bn Signal Offices, all going very well. Nothing to report, all is Very static in fact. I have already been accused of getting “Corps minded“ !!


(i) No small item of equipment or any man was found to be 'superfluous', in fact, all were worth their weight in gold.

(ii) 2 line dets not 1 required, at least, at take off.

(iii) REME and IMs must carry first line spares.

(iv) Extended headsets (50') invaluable, and should be part of set equipment at Bde level.

(v) Up to the present time, we have laid more than 25 miles of cable; it is now D + 19 and replacement of equipment is still working extremely well.

(vi) 1260 watt charging engine arrived by sea, has proved a godsend; 300 watt charging sets as brought by air, are extremely efficient, but not capable of dealing with the situation for longer than 72 hours.

G. Proudman Capt R Sigs, OC. L Sec.

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