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June 15th: Today we moved our HQ, and within 3 1/2 hours, line comn between Bns and ourselves and Div were working. In the afternoon, 2354960 Sigmn Burnand D. , was involved in an accident with a Jeep whilst on a DRLS run, and broke his leg. He, however, showed great forethought, and arranged for his packages to be delivered by the MDS DR.

By the evening we were all well and truly underground.

June 16th: No shelling today. Linemen had their first proper rest. Comd Not still closed down. During the day, 6349668 Sgmn James J.W.C. , was fatally injured when asleep by shrapnel, whilst 12 DEVON were being mortared.

June 17th: Today we moved the HQ nearer the Bns. Line comns were laid out prior to the move, so that comns opened up immediately Bde HQ arrived in the area, All sets and personnel were well dug in by nightfall.

June 18th: Weather very bad today, rum ration issued in tea. Lines suffered slightly from induction, but no doubt this was due to extreme wet. A very peaceful day. I visited the Bns rear links and Signal Offices, and all seemed to be going very well.

June 19th: Today we prepared to move back to the last location, and eventually arrived late in the evening. The sets were dug in during the afternoon, and the REs dug a good deep, spacious, Signal Office. Old lines were re-checked, and in some cases relaid. Comns were established immediately Signal Office arrived. Rear link, set to Div closed down for the first time.

June 20th: Today we spent thoroughly checking and building all existing lines. The area was cleared of surplus cable, and general consolidation took place. Sjt Weinert, L/Cpl Stamp and line det again did very good work.

June 21st: Today we duplicated all lines and finished with the diagram as shown, with about 10 miles of cable on the ground.

June 22nd: Nothing, very much happened today, DRLS, Lines, W/T and Signal Office all going well. 2574429 Cpl Gibbon A. E. , did excellent work in organizing the latter, and took on Section responsibility extremely well in the absence of Sjt Weinert and myself on lines or visiting Bns.

In the afternoon, we superimposed a Fullerphone on the Div Line, and cleared much of the registered traffic in this manner.

I visited the Bn rear links and found them all in good order.

Since Lieut Dooley, Signal Officer, RUR, was wounded, Sjt Thomas has done extremely well with the Bn Signal Platoon, and had no troubles.

June 23rd: Today we had the normal line shell breaks, and had to relay 2 lines, as damage was too great to repair.

June 24th: Nothing to report. All very quiet, and comns working well. During the night, heavy shell and mortar fire played havoc with lines. Again the line det got comn working, and all were alright by 0800 hrs.

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