Test No.Type of ChargeWt of ChargeExplosive UsedHeight of WallDetails of Charge (See also diagrams & photos)Time TakenWidth of Gap Min. Max.Whether SuccessfulREMARKS
15Goat - Inverted "U"1600 lb.852 10' 0"2 outside frames 300 ib. each 3'.0" x 2' 0" x 6" thick. Top frame 1000 ib. 10' 0" x 2' 0" x 6" thick. Top of goat 1' 0" from top of wall. Bottom of goat 4' 0" from base of wall (See plate 2 and 3)3 mins. 50 secs.18' 0"18' 0"SuccessfulGoat worked successfully though not smoothly and there may be some necessity for adjustment to cope with batter on a wall. L.A.W. are reporting on this.
16Hand-placed Pack Charges Staggered1764 lb.CE/TNT slabs10' 0" Top charge 756 ib. (18 packs) 10' 0" x 2' 4" x 5" thick Lower charge 1008 ib. (24 packs) 8' 0" x 2' 4" x 10" thick (See plates 4 and 5)7 mins.21' 0"27' 0"SuccessfulTank failed to climb at first attempt then approached at right angle. At second attempt, wall approached diagonally and climbed successfully. Slightly false pictures of damage given due to the end of the wall being badly displaced.

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Archive: Anti-Concrete Committee: breaching sea walls in assault trials at Pendine

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