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Two of the guns were put out of action by direct hits from 6 inch piercing shells, which passed through the embrasure. As the odds against such an event (i.e. of 2 hits on 4 casemates, shells enter- ing 2 different embrasures) are about 50 to 1, this can only be regarded as a remarkable stroke of good fortune.

The gun shields were thin, 1 cm in front and 6 mm on the sides and roof, the rear entrance of each casemate was small and was protected by a concrete porch.


Attacked and captured by A find C Coys 1 DORSET supported by C Sqn NOTTS Yeo and 90 Fd Regt. The position was found to be abandoned, four 105 mm guns and a quantity of eqpt being left. This thought to have been abandoned during the early hours of D-day and there is no evidence to show that the battery was responsible for any of the shelling on the beaches.

(v) STRONG POINT AT 870865

Three mutually supporting posns

(a) An MG post in a Tobruk emplacement 3 ft diam 1 1/2 ft concrete. Not damaged by bombardment.

(b) 5 cm anti-tank guns in a concrete emplacement. Breastwork 3 ft high, 5 ft thick well, 1 1/2 ft thick roof. No damage

(c) 2 MGs in a 20 ft sq, 3 ft thick concrete emplacement. No damage.

This was one of the points which it s hoped to destroy by bombing but owing to bad visibility the H-15 mins strike missed the target find all botfixs were dropped to the S of the village.


As this sector was one on which the strongest opposition we encountered on the benches a note on the casualties sustained is of interest.

TimeTotal CasualtiesStrength of LandingCasualty Rate on beachRemarks
0730—0820438c.40008.07%Before beach defences neutralised.

Of those the heaviest casualties were suffered by the two assault bns, the res bn, the underwater obstacle teams mld the B.Gp Bn, 17%, 15%, 10.4%, 20.1% and 10% respectively. The estimated overall rate for this period was 33% so that this proved to be 300% overestimated.


8. The small port-intended for development as the Petrol Port was the objective of 47 RM Commando. The action leading up to the capture of this port will be described in detail and the party will to some of the course.

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