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This target was well hit. The main weight of the attack fell on the emplacement and on the auxiliary buildings: and though the only active gun was not put out of action by this means the efficiency of the battery should have been considerably impaired. There is no evidence that the bombing caused many casualties but the moral effect may have been considerable.

The target was, attacked by any and night heavy bombers with 500 lb and 1000 lb bombs.

This position was taken by D Coy 6 GREEN HOWARDS who say that the storming of this poļ¬tion was highly successful and that surprisingly low casualties were suffered. The 122 mm gun appears to have fired off all its ammunition.

(v) VER-SUR-MER 917844

This target, just over a mile inland from the beaches, was a four gun battery housed in reinforced concrete casemates. The weapons were all 10 cm howitzers. The target was attacked by day heavy bombers H minus 30 mins to H minus 5 mins with 500 lb and 1000 lb bombs.

None of these guns were put out of action by the bombing. The bombing was good but the main concentration fell 50 yards behind the casemates so that the auxiliary buildings. took the full weight of the attack ... The efficiency of the battery may have been considerably impaired, but the guns all fired on D day.

This battery was taken by 7 GREEN HOWARDS, supported by two Crocodiles of 141 RAC (BUFFS). The enemy do not appear to have put up any fight at all, but surrendered after the Crocodiles had fired two rounds of 75 mm HE, 40 to 50 prisoners being taken by C Coy 7 GREEN HOWARDS, who sustained no casualties themselves.

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