TitleThe landing of 5 East Yorks, 1944 June
DescriptionNORMANDY LANDING 5th Bn THE EAST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT(69 Inf Bde)An account by Major A.Consitt OC D Coy.
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The run in was fairly uneventful drawing only moderate arty fire.

As the assault wave touched down enemy small arms started and one AVRE took a direct hit from an 88 causing the simultaneous detonating of all charges, the effect was shattering causing very heavy casualties to two of the assault pls of D Coy (the left assault coy) and killing two pl comds.

The Right assault coy (A Coy) touched down where there were no enemy on the immediate beach, and they captured VER SUR MER with in- credibly light casualties (2 killed 3 wounded). This left the Right Reserve Coy (B Coy) free to pass through A Coy and take up a back stop posn in case the enemy should try to withdraw from LA RIVIERE.

Bn HQ was coming in with the Left Res Coy (c Coy). As the beach came in full view and figures could be made out it was clear that the D Coy was having trouble. Bn HQ bring on an LCM grounded further out than C Coy and so the Coy had a start up the beaches.

There was quite considerable small arms fire at this period.

And as I came up the beach it was obvious C Coy were in trouble too.

The Back and of Bn HQ was badly caught by a Spandau, FOB and wireless operator were killed, BC wireless operators were killed, Bn 11 set rear link to Bde operators were killed and wireless drowned.

Wireless comns were impossible from the LCM. Coming out of the water I saw a large crowd up against the sea wall this transpired to be C Coy who were by then without Coy Comd or 2 i/c the former having been shot through the ankle on the beach and being unable to move and the 2 i/c having been killed.

I got hold of D Coy Comd who told me that he was unable to make progress in the direction planned and had also tried to get on over the sea wall but failed.

I told him to continue pressing the enemy as he was and I would take C Coy round and try and get over the sea wall. He phoned to his leading pl and was almost immediately wounded in the head and though he carried on for sometime had eventually to hand over to his 2 i/c.

The enemy in LA RIVIERE had by now obviously concentrated at the end of the village opposite D Coy.

I tried to get on to sqn comd C Sqn 4/7 DG but could not make contact by wireless. Later it transpired that owing to an error I was netted to the tks supporting 6 Green Howard and vice versa.

By now the posn of A Coy was clear, so B Coy was ordered to come down from VER SUR MER and come at LA RIVIERE from the back.

There was an unpleasant muddle under the sea wall at the WEST end of LA RIVIERE a stretch of it being defiladed from any enemy fire

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