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The expedition along the sea wall ran into a spendau as it approached the gap which existed where a road ran onto the beach.

However the I.O. was able to get two tks which were nearby and with these the spandau was silenced and one pl got over the wall in the gap in LA RIVIERE. The other two pl comds with part of their pls had got muddled up with D Coy and in the general turmoil could not be got hold of.

The pl comd got his pl across an open piece of grass and into some slit trenches but on closing up to the houses was twice severely wounded in the stomach.

Fire was then directed from a tk onto the houses and the leading section closed up to the houses.

At this moment LCS joined in the fun for no apparent reason and starting pouring hy MG fire and 4 ins shelling into the houses obliterating the leading Sec. To call this off took about 10 mins.

And as the winkling started again the enemy emerged with white flags.

B Coy had not assisted in this battle having not fully understood the instructions, which had had to be passed over the air. However they had fulfilled a useful task which would otherwise now have had to be carried out. They had come down on the other end of LA RIVIERE and swept up to where C Coy now were.

The time was about 1030 hrs so that 3 hrs after H hour LA RIVIERE was completely clear.

The casualties in taking LA RIVIERE were heavy.

Two Coy Comds wounded
One 2 i/c Coy killed
Two Pl Comds killed
One Pl Comd Severely wounded (later died of wounds)
Approx 100 ORs killed and wounded

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