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The last advance was made shortly before dark with "D" Company on the right and "A" Company on the left, the objective was a small village the name of which I cannot remember, it was situated some 2000 or 3000 yds short of St Ledger on the Caen - Bayeux road, this village was reached without further opposition, "D" Company took up positions on the far side of the village and dug in. BN H.QRs was established in the village with "A" Company on the left of it and "B" Company on the right.

A quiet night was spent here the only enemy activity was on Aircraft that flew low over the village, heading towards the beaches in the early hours of the morning. The Company carriers came up here and ammunition supplies were replenished. Early the next morning a patrol from "D" Company was sent out to St Ledger which came back and reported that there was no organised enemy there, the Bn then moved on down the road and occupied St Ledger without any further opposition, the Bn then took up a defensive position across the main road Caen - Bayuex, and was in position and digging in by noon on "D" plus 1.

On "D" plus 2 re-enforcements arrived and "C" and "D" Companies were formed into separate Companies.

The Bn remained in this area until the Sunday after "D" Day during which time patrols were sent out but there was nothing happened of any importance.

Spital. G.S.C.

(Sgd) A. Consitt

Major, Commanding "D" Company 1st Battalion The East Yorkshire Regiment.

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