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By 1700 hrs it was known that the bty at 155776 had been destroyed; that the hrs at VARAVILLE ROBEHOMME and BURES had been blown, and that 1 Cdn Para Bn were est in area LE MESNIL.


(a) At 2100 hrs the glider ldg of 6 Airldg Bde (less 1 Bn),Armd Recce Regt and 211 Lt Bty RA took place,

During night 6/7 Jun continuous enemy attacks from the SOUTH were held. By 0001 hrs it was known that the br at TROARN had been destroyed. Up to this hr 1 SS Bde had been held up by stiff enemy resistance on the line BREVILLE 1374 - LE PLEIN 1275.

(b) At 0030 hrs 7 Jun 3 Br InfDiv relieved 6 Airborne Div on the brs and canal and river.

During the night 1 RUR and 2 OXF DUCKS moved to the SOUTHERN portion of the brhead‘, and by 0900 hrs had occupied LONGUEVAL 0971 and HEROUVILLETTE 1272 respectively, Owing to the str of the enemy to the SOUTH the original plan for the use of the Armd Reece Gp was abandoned and the Regt was emp in recce fwd to TROARN 1667 and SANNERVILLE 1368 using as their base the area occupied by the 8 Para Bn. A very considerable amount of infm was obtained by this unit, infm that was both of value to this Div and to 1 Corps.

At 1030 hrs 1 SS Bde had begun to adv through SALLENELLES 1376 with a view to mopping up the coastal belt, but BREVILLE 1374 remained in enemy hands.

At 1120 hrs comd 6 Airborne Div ordered 1 SS Bde to attack and capture FRANCEVILLE PLAGE 1578 forthwith - 2 cruisers allotted in sp - subsequently to capture and hold LE HOMME SUR MEIR 1779.

At the same time attacks were put in by 1 RUR on ST HONORINE, and by 2 OXF BUCKS on ESCOVILLE 1271. Both these attacks penetrated the enemy posns, but encountered such stiff opposition from enemy SP guns and armour that it was decided to fall back and consolidate in the original posns.

At 1415 hrs 1 SS Bde reported FRANCEVILLE PLAGE clear.

At 1500 hrs the enemy developed a determined inf and armd attack on 1 RUR in LONGUEVAL which was repulsed after by fighting.

At 1815 hrs 12 DEVON (seaborne) entered the div area and took over 12 Para Bn posns in LE BAS DE RANVILLE area.

By nightfall 7 Jun the Div had secured all its objectives, except the small coastal strip between FRANCEVILLE PLAGE and CABOURG which was beyond its resources to occupy.

(c) On 8 Jun 1 SS Bde reported at 1130 hrs that a hy enemy attack was developing against 4 Cde in the HAUGER 1275 - SALLENELLES 1375 area from the EAST. This attack continued during the dry, and was renewed in str at 2130 hrs. All attacks were held.

(d) On 9 Jun enemy pressure was maintained on 1 SS Bde area particularly in areas of BREVILLE and SALLENELLES and some infiltration was achieved. At 2000 hrs a strong enemy attack developed on 12 DEVON and 2 OXF BUCKS areas in the SOUTH of the salient. Penetration into 12 DEVON front was achieved, but enemy driven out by immediate counter attack. 4 enemy tks were knocked out in HEROUVILLETTE 1272 by 2 OXF BUCKS. Enemy SP guns also penetrated LONGUEVAL, but with- draw when engaged.

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