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(i) By a "Coup de main" with gliderborne tps to seize the crossings over the R ORNE and CANAL at BENOUVILLE 098748 and RANVILLE 104746.

(ii) Secure and hold area BENOUVIILE - RANVILLE - LE BAS DE RANVILLE

(iii) Capture or neutralize the bty at 107765.

(iv) Clear the ldg zones NORTH of RANVILLE of obstructions as under to allow 68 gliders to land by two hrs before daylight and 146 gliders by the evening of D day. The Bde was also responsible for the protection of the LZ on which the larger glider element was to land.

(b) 3 Para Bde Gp

Comd Brig J.S.L. Hill, DSO, MC

Tps: 3 Para Bde with under comd Sec 4 A Tk Bty RA 3 Para Sqn RE One tp 591 Para Sqn RE 224 Para Fd Amb

(i) silence the enemy bty at 155776 1 1/2 hrs before the first ldg craft were to touch down and destroy its eqpt.

(ii) Demolish a series of brs from TROARN 1667 to VARAVILLE 1875.

On completion of the above to deny the enemy the use of the rds leading into the RANVILLE Brhead area from the EAST by establishing his bde on the high ground NORTH of TROARN to LE PLEIN.

(c) 1 SS Bde

HQ 7 SS Bde 3 Cdo 6 Cdo 45 (RM) Cdo 1 and 8 Tp One Tp Engr Cdo (4 Cdo in the initial stages under comd 3 Br Inf Div)

To cross the river and canal pass through 5 Para Bde and basing itself on the LE PLEIN 1275 feature to mop up as for as possible the coastal area FRANCEVILLE PLAGE 1579 - CABOURG 2180.

(d) 6 Airldg Bde Gp

Comd Brig Hon H.K.M. Kindersley MBE, MC

Tps: HQ 6 Airldg Bde 2 OXF BUCKS (less one coy and two pls) 1 RUR 12 DEVON (less one coy) by sea 3 A Tk Bty, by sea

On arrival in the RANVILLE area the bde gp to take over comd of 4 A Tk Bty and one Bn from 5 Para Bde.

To occupy and hold the brhead area LONGUEVAL 0971 - ST HONORINE LA CHARDONORETTE 0971 - ESCOVILLE 1271 - LE BAS DE RANVILLE 1073. 5 Para Bde was then to come into div res in the RANVILLE - LE MARIQUET area.

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