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(e) Armd Recce Gp

Comd Col R.G. Parker

Tps: Airborne Armd Recce Regt 211 Lt Bty One Coy 12 DEVON One Tp 3 A Tk Bty, by sea

On ldg to cone to the NE of LE MARIQUET 1173 and be prepared to operate SOUTH of the brhead area if the tactical situation would permit.


The flight plan was as follows:-

(a) 0020 hrs 6 Jun
Pathfinders on all DZs
Coup de main party 3 gliders on each br
Adv parties of Para Bdes

(b) 0050 hrs 6 Jun
3 and 5 Para Bdes main body, incl 17 gliders carrying hy eqpt and vehs

(c) 0320 hrs 6 Jun
Div HQ incl HQ RA and RE
4 A Tk Bty RA

(d) 0430 hrs 6 Jun
3 gliders to land on bty 155776

(e) 2100 hrs 6 Jun
HQ 6 Airldg Bde
2 OXF BUCKS (less one coy and 2 pls)
1 RUR 211 Lt Bty RA Armd Recce Regt

The air plan was the responsibility of the RAF. Requests for diversionary bombing were put fwd by the division through Army channels after consultation with 38 Group. Based on the objectives on the ground the areas for DZs and LZs were chosen at a conference with 38 Gp; the final decision as to the feasibility and capacity of any DZ or LZ resting with the Gp. As the plan developed minor changes had to be made, but in nearly every case the RAF were able to meet adjust- ments in the matter of numbers of aircraft, routes and DZs and LZs.

In connection with the help received by the division from the Gp HQ staff in planning it is appropriate to remark here on the excellent co-operation given by the RAF on the airfd transit camps: sta comds were always helpful putting baths, barbers and messes at the disposal of the tps.

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