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At 1500 hours advance parties of the battalion moved off to RUBERSEY NORTH EAST of BAYEUX. The bn started by march route at 1800 hours and arrived at their destination at 1830 hours. The bn then formed itself into a box around Bn HQ. At 17000 hours some snipers were reported at BUHOT and a patrol mounted in four jeeps was organised to winkle them out, but failed to do so. Two further patrols, this time in carriers under command of Capt HAMMOND, were sent to mop up small parties of enemy reported in the area of BAURVILLE. One patrol did not make contact, but the second patrol shot several field gunners hiding in the wood, and captured three PWs, returning at 2330 hours.


In the 213 Inf Bde plan for the assault landing on the coast of NORMANDY on 6th June 1944 (‘D’ Day’),1 DORSET was one of the two assault bns, 1 HAMPS was on the right or WEST, 1 DORSET on the left or EAST, and the landing was carried out on JIG GREEN beach.

The task given to 1 DORSET was the capture of the beach defences on their front and the capture of the Pt 54 feature with the inf locality at PUITS D’HERODE 858858 and the battery position at 848582. Finally the Bn was to reorganise in the area RYES 8483, continue to hold the high ground NORTH of the village, and cover the approaches to the LE HAMEL beaches from the SOUTH and SOUTH EAST. This amounted to the Bn holding the EASTERN part of the Bde sector of the beachhead; 2 DEVON the WESTERN part, with 1 HAMPS in reserve.

By the end of the day, 1 DORSET had captured all their objectives, almost exactly according to plan and were established in the area of RYES. This had NOT been done without considerable fighting, not so much on the beaches themselves, but further inland.

The first phase of the Bn plan included the capture of the strong point at 886866 and the farm at LES ROQUETTES. “A” Coy on the right landed at 0725 hours somewhat EAST of the correct position and pushed forward to the line of the lateral road, running EAST from LE HAMEL, without opposition, while the 1 HAMPS were actually landed opposite 886866 which they mopped up without difficulty. The Company Commander Maj. ?.?.?. JONES, Lieut ELLIS and CSM HOWELL were all wounded soon after landing by shell and mortar fire. Capt ROYLE took over command of the company. “B” Coy (Maj. P. .CHILTON MC) on the left touched down at 0737 hours, again somewhat to the EAST of their correct position, but, after suffering considerable casualties from shelling and mortar fire, finished up in LES ROSQUETTES about 0915 hours after this locality had already been captured by “C” Coy, who with “D” Coy followed up “A” and “B” retrospectively. “B” Coy now remained in the area LES ROQUETTES as planned, to act as “longstop” and take any trouble in the shape of enemy MGs or counter attack from the direction of MEUVAINES 8985. One section A tk remained with them and 3 inch mortars were available in support. “A” coy prepared to follow “C” and “D” Coys to the Pt 54 feature.

“C” Coy landed after “A” Cot at approx 0745 hours and the Company Commander, Maj R.M. NICOLL, realising that LES REQUETTES had not been secured by “B” coy as planned, took this task upon himself. At this point Maj. NICOLL met Maj. Mott of the 1 HAMPS who was about to advance with his company to ASNELLES 8786, and mutual support was agreed upon. When this company 1 HAMPS were held up EAST of the village, “C” company worked round the SOUTH of it, encountered heavy MG fire from the southernmost houses. 15 platoon (Lieut HAMILTON) were eventually held up and Maj. NICOLL put in 13 platoon (Lieut WINDERBANK) further SOUTH, who dealt with the position, killing 6 and capturing 10 Germans. The advance towards BUHOT 8685 was then continued - still without 14 platoon (Lieut STRATTON) which had landed on the wrong beach. “D” Coy landed at 0750 hours -

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