one LCA hit an underwater obstacle - and when getting clear of the beaches suffered several casualties from the mines and mortar fire. The company followed “C” company in the advance towards the Pt 54 feature. BUHOT was reached about 1330 hours. Pushing SOUTH through BUHOT “D” coy surprised and captured approx one coy of German pioneers, with their transport. The high ground at Pt 54 was found to be held by the enemy much more strongly than had originally been supposed - and in addition as it turned out, the German 352 Inf Div had very recently been moved up in relief of, or in support of the 716 Inf Div, which was a much lower category division. The CO Lt.Col. E.A.M NORIE was by now ashore and on the scene, and an attack on Pt 54 by “C” and “D” Coys was organised. The bulk of the fighting fell to “C” coy who captured the main feature with 13 and 14 platoons, killing 7 Germans and taking prisoner 2 Officers and 15 ORs. The company then reorganised and took up positions to support “D” and “A” Coys for the attack on PUITS D’HERODE.

‘D’ Coy, who had already suffered quite a number of casualties on the beaches and in the attack on Pt 54, were not able to force an entry into the PUITS D’HERODE locality and an attack by “A” company was then laid on. This was not before great determination had been shown by “D” Coy, under the leadership of Maj. HAYES, to close with the enemy. 18 platoon under Lieut LANCASTER actually reached the position and captured a mortar detachment, a spandau post and one A tk gun on the way, but lost their Platoon Commander and Platoon Sjt in doing so. With fire support from “D” and “C” coys and C Squadron SHERWOOD RANGERS who had by now arrived, “A” coy under Capt ROYLE captured the PUITS D’HERODE locality. A number of enemy were killed and over 40 prisoners were captured. During this attack, “C” coy were attacked on flank by a small party of the enemy, but a spirited sortie made under Capt TUCKER, the Company 2nd i/c, which disposed of the Germans killing 6, and wounding 2 and capturing two. The final assault of the day was made by “C” and “A” coys, with tank (C Squadron SHERWOOD RANGERS) and “D” Coy remaining in position as a form base. The enemy had however, already pulled out, abandoning their guns and a large amount of material.

About the time that PUITS D’HERODE was being captured, the 2nd i/c (Maj A.E.C. BREDIN) landed from LCH 317, where he had been acting as inf advisor to DSOAG with reguard to the naval bombardment programme, and the move fwd of the Bn HQ and sp arms from the area LES ROQUETTES (where main Bn HQ had been set up at 1130 hours) to the SE of BUHOT was organised anf set in motion. The A tk layout was organised as planned, covering the approaches to and through RYES and the tk run along the valley EAST of LE GRANDE RIVIERE.

Meanwhile “B” Coy moved fwd to take over RYES from 2 DEVON, who from that place were to advance WEST and NW to secure their part of the Bde bridgehead, and the whole Bn reorganised as planned - “a” Coy area 848843, “C” Coy area 852843, “D” Coy 853842, “B” Coy 848836 and bn HQ 851841. Patrolling for the night 6/7 June was arranged to link up with 2 DEVON on the WEST along the line of LE GRANDE RIVIERE immediately EAST of RYES.

The foregoing narrative takes little account of the excellent work done, and the dash and gallantry shown, by many officers and Other Ranks after the LCAs touched down on the beaches. Capt C.R. WHITTINGTON, OC HQ Coy and acting ULO for the landing did fine work in organising the gapping of the beaches, routes from it, and the Bn assembly area, although he was wounded early on (he has since been awarded the MC) Major R.M. NOCOLL and W.H. HAYES who led their companies with such dash and initiative (and have since been awarded the MC): Lieut J. HAMILTON who led his platoon with skill and fearlessness at ASNELLES and

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