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Situation as follows:--

Bn Strength

11 Officers and about 130 ORs. 1 Officer and 2 ORs were wounded and 6 ORs had DZ injuries and were NOT in a condition to fight. The CO was wounded in the hand.

Detailed Strength was:-

"A" Coy 4 ORs "B" Coy 2 Officers 27 ORs 1 LMG "C" Coy 5 Officers 78 ORs NO LMG (1 Officer Casualty)

Bn HQ and 6 Officers and approx 50 ORs consisting of Bde HQ Coy Sigs complete, a portion A tk pl with 2 PIATs, a few RAMC and Bn HQ personnel. 1 Officer and 7 ORs Glider Pilot Regt.

TPT 2 RE Jeeps and Trailers and 6 REs.

SIGNALS 2 Bde sets and 2 X 12 sets.


CO appreciated situation as follows:-

(i) From reports from recce party it appeared that re- mainder of Bn had dropped to the NORTH of the DZ in area RANVILLE and LE MESNIL.

(ii) That Bn was NOT strong enough to capture TROARN and that we had NO RE assistance to destroy the bridge.

(iii) That we had sufficient strength and explosives to destroy the bridge at BURES which was of single span type and could be destroyed without much technical assistance.

(iv) That if a position was taken up in area X rds 146695 and track running EAST to BURES sufficient force could be collected to attack TROARN later in the day from the NORTH.

Therefore the plan was as follows:-

(i) Strong fighting patrol of 1 pl from "C" coy would move to TROARN to make a recce and report on defences at WEST END of town.

(ii) Remainder of En would move to area X rds 153700 leaving two dets PIATs and covering force in area X rds 146695 to cover any movement of enemy NORTH and to guide any stragglers to Bn posn.

(iii) 1 Offr and 2 ORs to remain at RV till first light to guide any stragglers who may have arrived at RV after Bn had left.


Bn moved off.


Bn arrived at posn X tracks 153700. Reece patrol sent off at once to recce BURES and another with IO and Maj WILSON to recce NORTHERN approaches to TROARN for purpose of attacking it.

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