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Convoy of approx 30 enemy tpt and A/Cs escorted by 3 - 5 P3KPFW IV tanks. Seen moving west in direction of SANNERVILLE.


"A" Coy moved to posn rd junc 150692.

11 June


SP Guns into posn near LIROSE shelling Bn area. SPs were moving S to EMPEVILLE.


"A" Coy talc TOUFFREVILLE and 5/7. Consolidate area.


Message from Major Gen GALE congratulating troops on their magnificent show.

12 June


Mortar OP reports in evening. SP Guns knocked out on DZ by A tk Guns of 51st. Suspected enemy AA bty approx 086659.


"B" Coy patrol on LE MESNIL reports. Movement in area LE MESNIL to BURES. Works proceeding on both the bridges NO SP Guns. Enemy patrol EAST side of river through and onto the rly. Snipers report strength of enemy patrol 10 men and 1 MG moves up the river over track bridge and at rly possible to move to BURES by road 167704.

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