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OC "A" Coy and Sigs Offr reported to Bn HQ. They had been dropped some 5 miles SOUTH of the DZ. They brought one man with them. Maj WILSON'S patrol arrived back at the same time. Maj WILSON stated that he had met NO opposition to the NORTH of TROARN, but on moving further WEST down rly line they ran into a strong German posn at 159678 which pinned them down by fire. When they started to withdraw the IO moved by a different route from the remainder of the party and has NOT been seen since.


Bn moved to new posn and force moved to TROARN.


OC "C" Coy arrived with 4 Offrs and 51 ORs. He met Bn at 143702. He stated that he had been landed on RANVILLE DZ and gathered together 51 members of the Bn. He saw in the distance the GREEN and WHITE verey lights being fired at the Bn RV and decided to make straight for them. His route took him through HEROUVILLETTE where they ran into the enemy and had to fight their way through the village. Force suffered 6 casualties.


Bn in area rd junc 140704 and Bn disposed in following areas:-

"A" Coy - Area 140707 (Reserve Coy)
"B" Coy - " 139703
"C" Coy - " 142705
Bn HQ - " 140706
Mortar Pl - "C" Coy Area
MMG Pl - In posns by day in "B" Coy Area firing to WEST over DZ by night pl withdrawn to Bn HQ area
A tk Pl - Secs under command of coys.


Lt BROWN returned from TROARN. He stated that they had met a little opposition in TROARN which had been dealt with and the REs had increased the gap in the bridge to 40 feet. 7 prisoners were brought back from a MG post which was attacked. They were identified as 21 PZ Div.


Strength of Bn approx 17 Offrs 300 ORs.

WEAPONS Bn very short of LMGs
2 x 3" mortars and one captured German
3 MMGs
SIGS 2 x 68 sets
4 x 18 sets which allowed comn with coys. By 2000 hrs line was laid to all coys.

During the night D/D + 1 local patrols were sent out. NO contact made with enemy except for snipers and small patrols. Bn concentrated on getting well dug in.

7 June


Elements of Armoured Recce Regt began to arrive in the Bn area. Lt-Col STEWART liaised with CO and arranged that 8th Bn would provide protection for them at night. Mortars ranged in on plain NW of TOUFFREVILLE and established OPs. Bn got well dug in.

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