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Two long distance patrols were briefed for the following tasks:-

Patrol No 1 Capt SHOPPEE and 2 ORs - Task - To cut TROARN - ARGENCES road and bring back any information about enemy movement.

Patrol No 2 Lt McCLAINE-CROSS and 2 ORs - Task - To cut CAGNY - CAEN rd and bring back any information about enemy movements.

Both patrols left our own lines at approx 1830 hrs.

Patrolling for night 8/9 Jun.

(i) Fighting patrol to TROARN - Strength 2 Offrs 40 ORs. "C" Coy. OC - Maj HEWETSON. Task to ascertain strength of enemy at level crossing 159677.

(ii) Strong recce patrol to cut TROARN - BANNERVILLE rd. Strength 1 Offr 10 0Rs. "B" Coy.

Results of patrols night 8/9 Jun.

(i) Patrol moved SOUTH on to rly line and then SW along rly line and ran into enemy.

9 June


On the rly line with German patrol with MG - this posn covered by 2nd MG - 3rd MG on rd into TROARN from N - 4th MG in Strong Point. Strong Point holds considerable number of men moving WEST through TROARN all the time.


Capt SCAIFE Patrol to BAVENT. In town A tk Gun sighted in the town centre 3 MMG Strong points round it. 2 x 81 mm mortars N of the town and possible Rocket Gun.


Airborne arty firing on BREVILLE area.


"B" Coy forward OP of Coy shelled. Enemy ranged posn with SP Gun. MGs in woods 131702 rd 139095.


Local GAMEKEEPER reports. Bridges in TROARN repaired.


Seaborne party arrived on foot under Lt MILLER.


Maplay code compromised.


Casualty reports Offrs and ORs - see Appendix "A".


Armd Recce reports. Bty Mortars at 107695. 4 Mk 43 at 1169

10 June


Both shelling woods area 1371.


Mortars engaging 6 AA/MGs on DZ.


"B" Coy posn being shelled,


Mortars report 8 AA Guns now on DZ two have now been knocked out and casualties believed in the others.


Highland troops moving into area during afternoon 10 Jun 44 allnight 10/11 Jun and morning of 11 Jun 44.

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