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It was reported that Lt COOPER. and 1 Pl "C" Coy were at Div HQ Recce Patrol to BURES to see if held and to report whether it was possible to salvage A tk Gun and Jeep from river. Patrol reported impossible to salvage A tk Gun but they brought back a SGT of the 9th Bn who reported that there were 6 casualties from a wrecked A/C outside BASSENEVILLE 1870 in a farm at 194708. CO decided to bring them in that night.


Armoured recce reported that an SP Gun at was giving them trouble and would we deal with it. OC "A" Coy was detailed for the task with 1 Pl. By the time he reached posn of SP Gun it had withdrawn so he pushed on to recce ESCOVILLE which he found to be clear of enemy patrol returned about 2100 hrs with an enemy 6-ton truck filled with petrol and oil.


RSM 13th Bn informed us that TROARN was lightly held and that a strong fighting patrol could carry out a successful raid.

Following patrols took place on night D + 1/D + 2.

(i) Fighting patrol of "C" Coy to TROARN. Strength - 1 Coy.

(ii) Fighting patrol of "B" Coy to cut TROARN - BANNEVILLE road and recce enemy posns Strength - 1 Offr 15 ORs.

(iii) Strong petrol to bring back wounded from farm at BASSENEVILLE. Strength - CO 5 Offrs. 1 Pl "A" Coy, mortar pl, MG pl. Total - 4 Offrs 60 ORs and 2 Jeeps. Reason for the strength of the patrol was that the Jeeps could NOT go any further than BURES since bridges were blown and it would be necessary to carry the wounded some 3 miles.

Results of patrols night D + 1/D + 2.

(i) Fighting patrol "C" Coy under command of Maj HEWETSON attacked TROARN from the NORTH and entered the town at the church at 166679 and ran into heavy MG fire at WEST end of village from posts and A tk and Armoured car. Casualties were inflicted on the enemy before they were forced to withdraw as firing started from most of the houses in the village. Our casualties 3 ORs wounded.

(ii) Patrol had difficulty in negotiating very thick country and was late in reaching road. 1 enemy M/C and rider destroyed at 145675. NO casualties.

(iii) 5 stretcher cases. 1 walking wounded and 2 unwounded ORs were brought back. NO incidents to report.

8 June - D + 2

Mortar OP locates 8 Gun AA Bty in area 1168 and 1268. Mortars and MGs open fire and by the end of the day 3 All Guns had ceased firing. Enemy retaliated with SP Guns - NO casualties. Daylight recce patrols continue in BOIS DE BAVENT and close country to S and SW of Bn posns.

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