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The Airlanding Bde landed according to plan on the evening of D day and was virtually complete. One glider crashed on take off so L Sec was deficient of one offr 9 ORs and 3 wireless sets only.

5. Wireless

(i) At Appx W1 is u diagram of comns as planned.

(i) At Appx W1 is u diagram of comns as planned.

Appx W2 shows the comns at D + 7 as the result of re-grouping.

(ii) As each type of set arrived it was put onto the most impor- tant link irrespective of whether or not the link was that normally manned by the crew.

Sets were on listening watch prior to H hr.

(iii) The principal links from div HQ were established as follows:-

A 1 Airborne Tps0755 - in touch 90% of time.
3 BD3 3 Div Lateral )
C 1 1 Corps Comd )
0845 - both heard but no comn est until 1800 hrs as confusion arose over codesigns, thereafter comns intermittent but one link was through most of the time providing comns with 1 Corps through 3 Div or vice versa.
P 1 A ComdInitial comn with 5 Para Bde only. 5 Para Bde on at 1235 hrs. 1 SS Bde on at 2045 hrs.
P 12 46 set ComdComn with para bdes but unsatis- factory with 1 SS Bde.
A 30 ASSUComn est 0800 hrs. Through 90% of time to HMS LARGS. Priorities started to climb until only an Emergency Ops priority could get our bomb-line accpepted. This improved after D + 3, at about this time comn was est direct with UXBRIDGE. Calls for support averaged two per day.
P 15 Airborne Support Net.0715 hrs opened. Comns with batteries (still seaborne). Casualties among FOOs precluded any forward working until a solitary spare was sent out to 5 Para Bde. Subsequently the net was properly established and did sterling work. No less than 8 field and Med Regts were phased in between D to D + 7.
P 3 B Comd (WT) Net.This was never opened as traffic did not justify its use.

In general, wireless has been most reliable. Interference negligible with one or two half-hearted attempts at jamming.

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