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Corn for the birds at div ran out but ordinary grain was pro- cured from the farmer. Two birds were released on D + 12 with a message asking whether or not the birds should be retained for an emergency or liberated. One bird returned to the loft within an hour, the other returned next day.

13 birds were released on D + 15 one returned shortly after but the rest have not so far re-appeared.

11. Maintenance

(i) Charging. Neither of the two 1260W sets taken by air arrived. 300W sets just kept even with battery drain until the 1260W set brought with Scale B (D + 2) arrived.

The arrival of Scale C on D + 6 complete with 4.5 KW saved the situation as by that time office lighting with batteries and equipment salvaged from gliders became an added commitment.

(ii) Vehicles. Initially all sets were off-loaded into slit trenches and the Vehs handed over to AAQMG for general use. These were returned about D + 6. The dvr/operators being on their sets a squad of dvrs systematically went through all vehs under supervision of the T.M.O.

(iii) Signal Equipment I.Ms. with Bdes and M Sec kept pace with all repairs I.Ms. and REME dets should carry spares. None were available so that REME Tels with bdes were not much use.


Many valuable lessons have been learned. They may be sum- marised as follow: -

1. Dropping of equiptment in containers is only reliable for airborne re-supply.

2. The glider element with para bdes is vital.

3. Duplication of airborne personnel and equiptment is essential.

4. Kitbag release cords need to be strengthened.

5. A normal signal office is necessary for div and bdes.

6. Line personnel must be increased but not the equipment. Additional linemen should parachute with para bdes.

7. Lines to be reliable must be buried all the way.

8. The need for a three man-pack set for ground or sky wave working which can be dropped in a kitbag remains as pressing as when it was asked for two and a half years ago.

Field 22 JUN 44.

Lt. Col. , R. Signals, Commanding , 6 Airborne Divisional Signals,

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