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  1. A longer range of shot is still to be desired.
  2. An increased arc of fire for the flame-gun is still desired, but not at the expense of the 75 mm. gun. For the real street fighting the present Crocodile is not much good with it's present small "arc of fire" and the difficulty to manoeuvre with the trailer in the street often full of debris. For jungle fighting an all-round traverse for the flame fun might well be essential. It would also be helpful in street fighting. Crocodiles when flaming have to point the entire tank at their objective.
  3. Only recently has the capacity of the trailer been really used. Anticipated that the next few months will show that the full 400 gallons has been required over and over again.

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Archive: Analysis of operational use of Churchill Crocodile flame throwers in NW Europe, June-October 1944

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