Date 24 MAY 44

(Issued in conjunction with 2 DEVON O.O. No 7. Dated MAY. 44+)

This Order is a continuation of ADM Orders previously issued.


1. Preparation for Embarkation & Marshalling.

  1. This Office 2/G dated 23 May 44.
  2. This Office 2/G dated 23 May 44 (2nd tide).
  3. Documentation instructions already issued
  4. 2 DEVON ADM Instr. Nos 1 and 2.


2. To maintain and administer 2 DEVON during the initial stages of Op OVERLORD.


3. Replenishment.

Replenishment of Supplies, Water and P.O.L. is attached at APPX 'A'.

4. B. Ech.

All B. Ech Vehs will be brigaded as soon as possible and until this takes place the Bde assembly area will be regarded as the Bde maint area,
A rep from 231 Bde will be situated in this Area.


  1. As per APPX 'A'.
  2. The one days Compo ration now held by Coys to be carried in 3 Tonners will be considered as a res and will NOT be consumed without authy from this H.Q.

6. P.O.L.

  1. 25 Miles POL for all vehs will be available for drawing from the DIV pet pt on the evening of 'D' Day. Q.M. will be notified when and where.
  2. All vehs will be replenished by first light 'D' Plus 1.
  3. The pet carried in Jerricans' will be left as a res and will ONLY be used in EMERGENCY. Steps will be taken to replenish these should they be used


  1. The ration will be 1/2 gall per man per day.
  2. All. tps will land with FULL water bottles.
  3. The water carried in Bn tpt will be utilised and must be regarded as the ration for 'D' Day, 'D' Plus 1 and 'D' Plus 2.

8. AMN

  1. Dumping of amn.
    All amn carried in DUKWS & Carriers will be dumped in the Bn assembly area. When this area is closed, Captain D.E. HARRIS will detail one man to remain with the amn and will report to the Bde assembly area. Arrangements will then be made to take this amn to the Bde assembly area.
  2. Replenishment.
    (i) Initial replenishment will be made from Carriers, then from the Dump in the Bn assembly area and afterwards at the Bde assembly area. Amn of all types will be available.


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