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PART I. : Enemy Forces in BDE Sector.
PART II. : Coastal Defences on BDE Sector including Beach Defences.
PART III. : Enemy Defences of special concern to the BN.
PART IV. : Forces available for counter attack on the BDE Sector
PART V. : Topography.


716 Coastal Div.

The enemy defences on the Bde Sector are manned by 726 and 736 Regts of 716 Coastal Div.

This Div, like all coastal divs is of a 'low category'. Its men, of whom only 50% are German, the remainder being 30% Poles, 10% Czechs and Russian, are aged 32 - 40 and of a low Medical category. The Div has been combed again and again for re-inforcements for RUSSIA, so that its unlikely that many good men are left.

The Div has been manning this stretch of Coast since April 1942, and their morale is probably low.

Strength of the Div is about 13,000 men. Its weapons are likely to include British, French and Russian makes as well as German.

The Div has a frontage of somo 40 - 50 miles to hold. Its dispositions are:- Two Regts fwd and probably all three –íns of each fwd Regt up on the Coast and the third Regt in res. This res Regt is probably dispersed by Bns at focal pts inland from the Coast, at such places as BAYEUX - CAEN etc., with counter attack roles.

The inter Regt Boundary of the two fwd Regts is believed to pass through the centre of the BDE Bridgehead, with 726 Regt to the W and 736 to the E.

642 Ost Bn.

This Bn consisting entirely of Russians officered by German Offrs and NCOs is in the 716 Div Sector and is believed to be the Div tactical res. It is most certainly in the area for counter attack purposes, if not under comd of 716 Division.

352 Inf Div.

This Div is dispersed over a wide area S and SW of the Bde Sector. It has recently returned from RUSSIA, the men are said to be 'War Weary' and Morale low. Again this Div has quite a large non German element in it. The men are either very young or else between 35 - 40 years.

The role of this Div is to act as a cushion and hold any break through from the Coast until the arrival of the PANZER DIVS. This it would do by counter attack rather than defensive action. This Div may have a reasonable degree of mobility.

21 PZ Diy.

Location:- about 50 miles SE of BAYEUX.
This Div has been reformed after being destroyed in N. AFRICA. The Tps are a mixed lot with many non-Germans. They are young and unexperienced, but their equipment is good and up to est, which may mean that it has 154 M.V Panthers, 34. MK VI Tigers, 25 MK IVs and 44 S.P. Guns. Reports have been received of Tanks at BAYEUX and CAEN. This might mean that 21 PZ DIV is following a custom it had in another sector, of pushing forward dets of Tanks for immediate counter attack.


Only three Divs have been considered as that is all we are likely to encounter on 'D' DAY.


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