- 2 -

(ii). The DIV amn pt will open on the evening of 'D' Day.

(iii) Amn will NOT be drawn direct from the B.M.A.


  1. Light See 200 Fd Amb.
    This sec consisting of 1 Offr and 18 ORs is under comd 2 DEVON for the assault and will remain under comd until recalled to form a Light ADS. They will follow the Bn and deal with casualties as they occur and keep in touch with the R.M.O.
  2. Evacuation. (i) Casualties occurring in LCTs will be left on board and will be returned to parent ships. (ii) After landing through the RAP to ADS or BDS.
  3. Supplies.
    R.M.O. will draw supplies from O.C., 200 Fd Amb RAMC.
  4. Sups, Water & Kit.
    All casualties will be evacuated with their 24 hr ration - water bottle and small kit where possible.
  5. Separate medical instrs have been issued to the R.M.O.

10. ORD.

  1. Channels of supplies - Ord stores.

    (i) All demands will be submitted through the Q.M, as soon as possible. Q.M. will place all demands through B.O.W.O. to A.D.O.S., Rear 50 (N) DIV.

    (ii) Demands for veh and controlled stores will be submitted through the Q.M. to 231 Bde H.Q.

  2. Unaccompanied stores.

    These will be placed in the O.B.D. of 104. Beach Sub Area. Q.M. will contact this area and draw stores as they arrive.

11. R.E.M.E.

  1. 231 Bde Wksps land 'D' Plus 5.
  2. All casualties to vehs will be notified to the M.T.O. immediately. These will be reported to the Bde E.M.E. as follows:
    A: Equipment - type - and W.D. No.
    B: Location of casualty.
    C: Whether suspended tow required.
  3. All repairable vehs will be evacuated with the dvr who will carry rations.


  1. 1st Tide vehs. = in the Bn assembly area.
  2. 2nd. Tide vehs = in Transit area*
    * Instructional Cards are issued with this Order for all 2nd tide personnel,
  3. Documentation - for 2nd Tide vehs: - AF W.5169s will be handed in by comds to the transit staff in the transit area. Q.M. will detail senior N.C.O. to remain in Veh Transit Area to guide and Tide personnel to the Bn.

Will NOT be removed.

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