- 4 -


15. Capture RYES 8483.

16. Fwd Coy 'Al Coy with under Comd one sec mortars,

17. Mopping up Coy - 'D' Coy.
Task:- to hold NORTHERN exits of RYES while remainder Bn move WESTWARDS along rly.

18. Res:- 'B' and 'C' Coys.

19. Objective:- RYES

20. Axis of adv:- LA GROIDE R - RYES WEST edge.

21. SP:- Hedge and river junc 877857.

22 Zero hr:- To be decided at 'O' Gp br 878859.


Area RYES until relieved by 1 DORSET.

(a) A tk layout:-

Two tps 288/102 A tk Bty in sp 'A' Coy.

i) tp 6 pdrs - Area SOUTH and SW RYES
Task Provent penetration into RYES

(ii) tp M10 - Area EAST - NE RYICS
Task Mobile res to deal with tk penetration EAST and WEST RYES.

(b) Inf:

'A' Coy with under comd, one det mortars - one sec Carriers.


(i) Deny SOUTHERN approaches to RYES.

(ii) Maintain brs intact.

(iii) Prevent enemy escaping from the Coast,


24. Capture LA ROSIERE and high ground 8184.

Fwd Coy: 'B' Coy

Mopping up Coy: 'C' Coy

25. Res 'D' Coy

Objective: High ground 8184.

26. Axis of adv

STA 856840 - Rly - Rd junc 84.38443 - LA ROSIERE.

27. Zero:- immediately 'D' Coy are est on NORTHERN outskirts RYES.


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