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The third posn at the Western end of LE HAMEL consists of 3 to 4 concrete weapon emplacements, sited to cover the ramp and its exits at 871866 and the beach to the W of LE HAMEL. There are open weapon pits to the landward side of the posn. The posn is wired in.

To the East of the village are open wpn emplacements adding a little depth to tho LE HAMEL posns.

CABANE. CABANE itself has no known defences itself but to the W of it, the ground rises and an enemy strong pt exists here. It is strongly wired and mined and in addition to MGs, contains 2 x 75 mm Guns. These guns are in a perfect posn to the Bde Beaches.

On the high ground to the East of ARROMANCHES is another Inf strong pt and further East again are two Giant LURTZBORG Masts. This Radio stn is strongly defended and wired.

To the WEST of ARROMANCHES on the cliff top is another strong pt possibly containing some Inf Guns. This posn has several belts of mines to the landward of it, in addition, to it being strongly wired. Many of the Houses along the sea front in ARROMANCHES have MG emplacements covering the Rd exits from the Beach,

INF STRONG PT - 857857
This, a Pl posn centred around an Arty OP. The posn is on the fwd slope about 1,000 yds SW of CABANE. It is surrounded by a double belt of wire with a row of mines in between.

ARTY POSN - 848853.
This consists of 4. X 105 mm Guns, sited to fire on the Bde Beaches. It has its own close defence system, consisting for the most part of open slit trenches.

Though this is not within the Bde boundary it might well affect us. On the high ground to the SE of MEUVAINES are posns for several MGs sited to cover the Bn Beach and any adv inland from the village: To the South of MEUVAINES there are two guns of unknown calibre.

The approaches to the BDE Ldg Beaches are obstructed by three main belts of underwater obstacles. These are uncovered at a low tide, but covered at high tide. The outer line of obstacles consists of a single row of stakes spaced 25 yds apart and up to 250 yds from the Beach. Attached to the top of these stakes in many cases are 'Tellermines' and in other cases old FRENCH percussion shells, the stake being covered by water and is blown up by the mine or shell.

Behind the row of stakes isolated sections of Element ‘C’ are strown along the length of the Bde sector. Element 'C' is like our own scaffolding obstacles. These are about 200 yds from the Beach.

Nearer to the Beach and about 130 yds out is a single row of Element 'C', interspersed with ramp type obstacles and possibly some hedgehogs. The ramp type obstacle has the effect of 'Bellying' the Craft when it runs on to it.

A further 30 yds inshore, further single sections of Element 'C’ are scattered about. Inshore again are two rows of 'Hedgehogs’ and Tetrahedral obstacles scattered about indiscriminately. Recent photos show that although, those already in posn are somewhat dilapidated, underwater obstacles are being thickened up, they would offer NO serious obstacle providing they were visible.


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