- 7 -

42. RE - 2 Pls 295 Fa COY

(a) One sub sec under comd each Coy for landing
Task:- Assist assault ldg if Bn lands on wrong beach

(b) On ldg reverts to comd 295 Fd Coy, for clearance exits

(c) Subsequent task:- clear Bn main axis.


43 Reorg on lines LONGUES - High ground 8184 - LA ROSIERE.

44. A tk LAY OUT

One sec A tk Pl - Rd approach LA ROSIERE

One sec A tk Pl - Rd approach FONTENAIILES

One sec A tk Pl - Cross Rds 813857.

45. Coy areas:


'B' Coy - FONTENAILLES astride Rd approach from BAYEUX

'A' Coy - LA ROSIERE estride Rd approach from BAYEUX

'C' Coy - area NORTH of High ground incl cross Rds 813857.

Tasks:- Deny approaches from SOUTH and WEST and prevent enemy escaping from Coast.

46. MMGS Cover by fire approaches EAST and WEST high ground 8184.

47. Priority of work:

(a) Digging

(b) Protection mine fields on main approaches

(c) Trip wire.

48. MINES, WIRB & Stores:

As carried on Carriers will be fwded to Coys
under Bn arrengements as soon as Coys have reorganised.

49. Patrols

Details later,

50. Junc pt with US Forces

Two sec carrier pl est joint post with 'K' Coy
3rd Bn 16 Regt in area 752855, if possible before capture LONGUES.

ADM (see scperate instrs).

51. Medical (a) RAP with an adv HQ
(b) Bearer party with Bn rear HQ


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