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Div HQ moved up to Sommervieu.

Monty paid a visit and seemed pleased.

8 Jun

Today Port-en-Bessin is captured but Pt 102, just South was re- occupied by the Bosche. We adjusted our positions on the objectives and tried to establish contact with the Americans at Sully. This had been a German HQ's and was not taken today. SWB's extricated them- selves (and Brig Pepper) from a sunken road but had to cross the bridge under fire and cover of our smoke.

7 Armd Div were well ashore and this provided some depth to our very extended line.

Some bombing during the night, but little trouble from the enemy. Many congratulatory messages received for good work done.

9 Jun

Stationary during the day except for 8 Armd Bde directed on Pt 103 from St Leger. Pt 103 dominates Tilly-sur-Seulles and St Pierre. During 9th, it was decided to place 8 Armd Bde and 8 DLI and 1 Dorset under 7 Armd Div for attack on Tilly and Juvigny.

Considerable mopping up carried out up till now against enemy pockets of resistance and snipers. Two French women snipers found by 1 US Div in Port-en-Bessin. One Bn German infantry in area BRAZENVILLE had to be dealt with separately with a coy firstly and afterwards by Sqn tks. 1 Dorset and Crocodiles (141 RAC) these used flame throwers on dug in gun posns.

10 Jun

7 Armd Div made no headway towards Tilly-sur-Seulles. Some sharp fighting but no result.

During today the Corps Commandor, in view of the favourable position, decided to pass 7 Armd Div south along axis Bucassard wood - Army boundary directed on Villers Bocage. The outline plan made by Second Army was to close behind 12 SS and 21 Pz Divs at EVERCY and annihilate these divs before reinforcements could arrive. 1 Airborne Div to be dropped and supplied on 7 Armd Div axis while 51 (H) Div and 4 Tk Bde completed encirclement on west side of R Orne. 8 Armd Bde to thrust eastwards during this operation. 50 Div to extend southwards to general line La Belle Epine excl TILLY and retain Pt 103. The Berniers Bocage feature was occupied by 56 Bde. Essex suffered badly from tank and flame thrower counter attack in wood just north of LINGEVRES. They were withdrawn that night. It seems that anti tank guns were not brought up and tanks withdrew before infantry were prop- erly established. Attended a conference at Corps at which Gen Brown- ing (Airborne Corps) and General Hobo attended. General Erskine and Col Wall also there to plan for operation SEED.

11 Jun

1 US Div at this stage made considerable headway against remnants of 50 Mobile Bde (from Cherbourg Peninsula) and had reached Balleroy and la Butte.

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