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18 Jun

Last night, 2 ESSEX on East outskirts of Tilly. 6 DLI launched very late failed to get ionrarfl and were North of rd Tilly - Lingevres.

Rang Corps and got a fresh sqn of AVRE (81 Sqn 6 Assault Regt).

GOC left at 0700 hrs to see Lidwell. Gordon from the Queens to command 151 Bde and came in late last night.

19 Jun

Yesterday was one of slogging - 69 Bde improved their positions on the right but failed to complete clearing of Longrave Orchie remained in enemy hands. 151 Bde with 8 DLI moved fwd to spurSE??? of Longevres and met light opposition only. 2 ESSEX of 151 Bde battled into Tilly but by this evening had only got to the Market Square. (2 ESSEX, a Tiger Tank and the AVRE reported as being in the market Square). Rather a mile I think. They withdrew Northwards at last light. 6 DLI got to spur just SW of Tilly and were lightly counter-attacked.

Bag for the day, 18 prisoners and 6 tanks, one knocked out by a PIAT.

During the night 7 G Howards were counter-attacked and run off their line. Very disorganised this morning.

Brig Knox, represented that his bde was not fit for further offensive action. To make matters worse, heavy rain and therefore no air support or Observation.

The Corps plan of directing 7 Armd Div (with 33 Armd Bde and 56 Bde to Robin and Aunay and 49 Div to Noyers is too large for the present situation, anyhow as for as the Corps is concerned.

Generals Dempsey and Bucknell visited Div Comd yesterday.

Captured a Bosche respirator, leather with lens - eyeglasses. Beautiful equipment.

20 Jun

Hear that fresh army plan made yesterday - we are to continue to attack Hottot but may have a refused flank. 231 Bde launched attack under two barrages on wood (Tank Wood) and Hottot. The first made small progress but 1 Hamps and 2 Devons reached Hottot and had some scrapping with enemy tanks. Twelve believed KO'd.

Counter-attack within an hour so that finally they settled down just North of the village.

2 ESSEX captured Tilly from which the Bosche had mostly withdrawn. Norrie of Dorsets badly wounded, and 231 Bde lost some 6 Majors.

Very expensive fighting in this close country. Arty barrage seems to be good. Prisoners (one a Pole) any that Lehr Div may have only 3000 effectives, 4.2" Mortar fire devastating and many infantry killed. Counter-attacks appear to be almost unsupported by infantry now. Enemy will probably try to reinforce this div soon.

Brig Pepper came in to receive orders that he is under no for any emergency.

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