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2 Aug

8 Corps pushed on and with 11 Armd Div, made for Vire and Vassey - ops going well and a breach open still at Arranche through which Patton's 3rd Army has gone to Remes and St Malo. 8 Corps through the one at Vire. We attacked Amaye with few casualties and 150 prisoners.

They are without food for 3 or four days and thoroughly demoralised, in rags.

Two attacked to Div HQs are Austrian sign writers.

A chill and took a pill and a dose of salts. Very sick at night.

Monty has said no flanks and high speed.

Warm day but humid.

Spoke to Noel Wall re tpt coming South from Village Bocage to Aunay sur Odon.

59 Div not getting fwd till this morning - 12 Corps very slow.

Must go out today.

6 Aug

By the evening of 3 Aug - evident that 30 Corps not going, well.

7 Armd started late, got caught up in traffic jam and failed to get a move on. During A July they made contact with parts 10 SS Pz Div in front of Aunay sur Odon. Were counter-attacked from the South and came to a halt.

50 Div went for Amaye Sur Seulles and took it with left 7 G Howards, Right 5 E Yorks. Hear that 150 prisoners taken, much equipment. But heard of Jimmy James death from shell splinters. He had commended for 6 weeks and had pulled the bn together after its initial casualties. He was buried at La Belle Epine on 4 August.

By evening 4 Aug, Gen Bucknell and 30 Corps, Gen Bobby Erskine, commanding 7 Armd Div and Brig 22 Armd Bde had all gone. Gen Horrocks arrived from London on 5 Aug and came to lunch at Div. Looked fragile but well. Monty had struck very quick as usual. Must write to Noel Wall.

On 5 July took over command of 5 E Yorks and spent the afternoon walking round. We are in res now as the battle moves East.

59 Div led by 7 Norfolk reached R Orne and 53 Div came down on left. Gds, 11 Armd and 15 (S) Div engaged by 10 SS, 9 SS in Montchamp area. Bosche trying to help remnants 116 Pz, 3 Para etc out of the Vire pocket. Probably succeeded. On 6 Aug Gen Horrocks talked to all officers and. NCO's 69 Bde and. as usual impressive. He was in very good heart.

We hope for another day's rest - doing the bn a lot of good.

43 Div attacking the Pincon today, probably stiff fighting. US First Army going well at Laval and this must now continue to influence the operations, The open German left flank is most threatening and should keep the enemy moving. General Horrocks said that signs of enemy cracking with open speech on the wireless and many battle groups

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