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may be 116 Pz from Paris. All unloading stopped these last two days because of weather. 15 (S) Div no tpt yet.

22 Jun

Yesterday was quite quiet. So is today.

Had dinner with Noel Wall (G.I., 7 Armd) last night. His General Bobby Erskine and himself were in good heart. 3000-1b bomb had fallen the night before near their HQ.

Went on to see 7 Green Howards and spoke with Oldman. Cox from G.I.??? Plans, 21 Army Gp arrived today to take over. Hear that Tac Army Gp HQ was shelled this morning. Who let the paper say where it was?

It‘s moving. George with 90,000 Cigs arrive.

23 Jun

A very quiet day. Prepared orders for Dauntless - 30 Corps part in new plan. 50 Div a rather dull day.

Saw very heavy flash from direction rd Villers Bocage to Caen through which 50 Mediums flew, one shot down.

Hear that 1 SS Adolph Hitler Div has arrived just SE of Caen. Flak suggests Bosche has possibly succeeded in concentrating some re- serves. We shall know soon.

Rousted Corps re air cover - 3 days is too long. I find Corps staff not very good - don't get a grip on things. Noticeable that only one member of staff, Tobin, has visited so far.

No letters for three days owing to rough sea - hope some will come today.

Webster, Essex, arrived last night as GSO 1 (L).

Monty held conference for Div and Corps Comds, Second Army, to explain what he is going to do.

Some success yesterday with snipers but no bags by tank busters.

Plenty of noise here with some long Toms and 7.2 Hy guns in the next field.

Mike Henderson (ADC) seems to have acquired some Brandy. Hot stuff.

We are getting ready for the show to start tomorrow. Decision on date is to be made this morning. Must go and see my caravan today, at Bayeux.

24 Jun

Woke up at 0600 hrs with a stonk by AGRA on some mortars and AA which shot at 69 Bde yesterday.

At 3 pm yesterday took Webster down to see James (5 E Yorks). He said his tps were not in good form and he wouldn't care to attack with them.

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