- 9 -

While there, some mortar bombs caused four casualties to a MG crew. When we left another came down fairly close. Very quiet night. The new offensive postponed but should start tomorrow. We hear on the news that the flying bombs are still being flown against England, principally directed against London. It has certainly directed a good deal of our air effort from this front.

Yesterday we identified one Coy of Pz Gr from 21 Pz Div - presumably brought up to thicken the depleted inf of 130 Lehr Div (as was Div def Coy of 12 SS Pz Div). 1 Hamps carried out a raid last night and caught four - also one deserter come in. Prisoners were tough.

1 SS Pz Div Adolph Hitler and 2 SS Pz Div Das Reich believed to have arrived in areas 10 miles South of CAEN and just SW of ST LO. We should get confirmation soon.

25 Jun

0300 hrs. Heavy gunfire from our AGRA (5) and with 7.2" guns just behind us little sleep. This went on until daylight. At 0630 hrs heard that 49 Div had reached objectives but dense fog in taking of Fontenay. Waiting for zero for Phase 2.

Last night AGRA fired anti-AA and some Typhoons which came to bomb Cheux were virtually unmolested.

This morning about 300 Fortresses and Liberators came over flying South, where to we didn't know.

Sqn 4/7 DG got one Tank Mk IV burned up. Came out with three others from Juvigny wood going towards Devons.

Last night out Gunners ignited a smell amn dump near Chateau Cordillony

Report by Civilians that 100 tks in Bois de St Germain not altogether believed. 7 Armd Div doing periodical shooting up of that area.

26 Jun

Nothing on our front except shelling and mortar fire. shelling come from 49 Div front and shows how completely confused the Bosche is, for the main threat was there. 8 Corps (using 15 (S) Div and 31 Armd Bde) made good progress to just North of GRANVILLE sur ODON and two bns into Colleville.

Near that they were ordered to reach River ODON regardless of cost.

However no further progress made. GOC waiting for 4 Armd Bde to move fwd.

Ruary still in enemy hands. I think the armour (8 Armd Bde) does not Show enough dash. They stick to roads and whole Regts held up by one Panther or Tiger in a Village. Why not by-pass - they won‘t go. Hargest came back from there and said congestion was shocking. With 11 Armd Div and 43 Div to give depth and mop up, I can‘t think why they should be so slow. 600 guns also should have given them all they want.

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