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Grouping8 Corps50 Corps12 Corps1 CorpsCdn Corps
15 (S)50 Div59 Div51 (H) Div2 Div
11 Armd43 Div53 Div3 (Brit) "3 Div
Gds Armd8 Armd Bde33 Armd49 DivCdn Tk Bde
6 Gds Tk Bde7 Armd DivBde

To do offensive from just West Caumont to R Seulles, with right 8 Corps - left 50 Corps.

On 30 July 15 (S) Div found a. weak spot and this waa exploited by Armd divs. 50 Div took Orbois and St Germain D'Ectot. Both Brigs against it - we took 110 prisoners and had good arty sp - all Mortars and MG concentrated. No barrage but on known enemy locations. Right 56 Bde (Glos and SWB) left 231 (Hamps and Dorset).

31 July

Further exploitation. 11 Armd Div committed yesterday, and Gds, and today directed on Berniers Bocage and' hill to North.

Bosche reacted by pulling in 2 Pz, 21 Pz (on very wide front) and a few bits and pieces.

At 2000 hrs attack by 56 Bde on Rouray - Barrage with smoke and whole extended by smoke and mortars over div front. Successful in drawing fire onto 231 Bde who didn't mind. About 70 prisoners.

1 Aug

7 Armd Div brought fwd to Caumont last night and launched at dawn towards Aunay sur Odon. Gds Div to Beny Bocage and Vire.

Part 11 Armd Div in Beny Bocoge, Possible reactions by 9 or 10 Pz SS. Three additional divs reported crossing R Seine includes 89 and 6 Para.

Last night Elliot felt Essex not strong enough to attack - no junior leaders. Thought of course that resistance would be stronger.ยป

Prisoners now 180, and still coming in.

231 Bde attacked Lictot and had two deserters. No opposition.

Three 75 mm and one armd car found intact.

Enemy has not eaten for three days - no hot meal for 7 days and looking very poor in shape.

Thick mist until 1200 hrs and clearing.

Corps Comd and CCRA came to arrange for us to attack Amaye to- morrow - not before 1400 hrs.

69 Bde relieving 130 Bde of 43 Div.

Nobby Clarke and another gunner paid me a visit. Heard 7 R Norfolk in great form.

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