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and one from 276 Div from Bayeux. Took 6 days by train to Le Mains and thn bicycled 150 miles in three nights.

They lost some MG, Mortar Half-tracks and much amn from bombers.

"Raid by 231 Bde tonight.

4 July

Very quiet everywhere. 2 DEVONS put on a raid against La Marmonniere started at 0300 hrs with barrage and mortar neutralisation. MGs protecting flanks.

The enemy unfortunately not there in strength - some killed one prisoner so object achieved.

Much noise until 4.30 a.m. when I went to bed again - up at 7.0 a.m.

Prisoner from 276 Inf Div, which seems to indicate that bulk of Lehr has withdrawn except for their tanks.

1 rd per gun from 50 Div arty and AGRA and 2 LSSA and Div arty fired at Anctoville to celebrate Independence Day.

Visited 2 Glosters (after HQ 56 Bde) and spoke to their 2-in-C. Biddle fast asleep. Seemed fairly cheerful. Brigade asked about making a gap between Glos and 2 US Armd Div instead of between Glos and 2 SWB. Advised the GOC against this, undesirable though it is now.

Ref raid, apparently patrols missed the enemy but tele operator found five and after challenging them without effect hooked the last one. (From Bn Fusilier 276 Div).

Brig Hargest went to 3 CCS yesterday, poison. in blood stream.

Later in any three PW came in, two in front of 69 Bde and one to 231 Bde - all prepared to talk. Altogether one PW and 7 deserters. We have a good layout of 276 Inf Div now on our front.

12 ME's came over at lunch time, much shooting and two seen smoking. 25 LAA claiming one destroyed.

Busy day for the intelligence. One said he and others had marched 18 miles for 10 consecutive nights and they must be fairly tired. One reported two pls written off at Villers Bocage.

Wendy Willot went to Cherbourg - says nothing happening probably be- cause of mines in water and delayed demolitions.

Corps Comd came in for a chat with GOC - not too cheerful because nobody seems to be doing very much and we, I think, my tend to lose the initiative.

5 July

BGS visited GOC (with G2 RA Corps) and the subject of 50 Div doing an offensive to reach the proper Hottot line. GOC pleased for the 276 Div ask to be attacked. CRA (Norton) presents amn bill for we point out that the Div must have proper sp and nothing skimpy. GOC reckons can start first Bde in 48 hrs time, asked if 49 could take over from 151 Bde. 400 rds per gun 5 Fd 200 Med 110 per mortar all required.

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