- 18 -

Signs of enemy withdrawing on our left in front of 151 and 231 Inf Bdes.

Heavy air effort this morning consisted of 1100 Br Heavies 1600 American Heavies, 600 Br and USA Mediums and 1200 FB's. 8,000 tons between 0545 and 0745 hrs. No wonder at the dust and smell.

19 July

A bit of a bog-up with 8 Corps. Gds Div blocked. 7 Armd Div and the line at end of day was Cagny and to West. Heard 11 Armd had lost 140 tanks.

Army Commander quite pleased but I don't know why.

Tank tracks springing up everywhere in our area. Near miss by AA shell outside my tent.

20 July

Went to 59 Div and saw Loyd GSO 1 on subject of bdys. They are taking comd from 49 Div sector.

Had dinner with Nigel Duncan, Dick Jelf and Felix Wilsley, Bubbles Barber in great form. Great fun and didn't leave till 11 p.m. - drank Dick‘s whisky.

Peaceful night and didn‘t hear some shells coming over which landed near the airfield.

No progress to speak of by 8 Corps but 2 Cdn Div did well to get to St Andre Sur Odon.

went to Carpiquet aerodrome to see - big place and skeleton hang- ars still standing.

21 July

Rained all day. Regrouping to take place and Div Comd held Conference.

First Cdn Army starts 24 July - 1 Corps 6 Airborne 3 Brit 49 and 51 Cdn Corps 2 and 3 Cdn Divs Second Army 8 Corps - 11, 7, Gds Armd Divs 12 Corps - 43, 53, 59. 30 Corps - 50 and 15 (S).

Readjustments in the line, Writing paper on tactics since landing. Poured all day with rain - much mud - tanks tracks US.

22 July

Hear that Cdn Army is only to have 1 Corps until ops by two inf divs and 7 Armd divs are completed SE of Caen. Enemy seem to be very mixed up there still and disorganised. Another go should do well with infantry. NO news except more about the Hitler murder attempt, and stories of revolt in Munich, etc

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