- 16 -

A good deal or mortaring and shelling on 231 Bde today - probably tanks in the area are drawing fire.

Corps Comd (Bucknall) came today and had a long chat with the GOC about the attack perhaps of 151 Bde on La Taille and Poterie. Idea was to start by flame throwing supported by infantry and tanks. May now be off because of this other operation.

13 July

Robertson, Australian forces arrived to understudy me.

Front quiet but several deserters including some Bosche. Tried sound warfare the other day but the team didn‘t know the form. Poles say they heard about it but were not able to hear what was said.

Heard the story of the old man who got a pass from the Major of Lingevres saying he could go to Onchy (in enemy hands) and he was a friend of the Allies. He got there having seen nobody. On his looking into his house a German officer picked him up and took him to Chateau du But to interrogate. Here his pass was countersigned and he was allowed to return. The Chateau he said was a Regtl HQ. It was bombed on our request an hour later.

14 July

Fired the first log of pamphlets by arty. These consisted of 16 shells (each 450) Passes for deserters safe conduct in German, Am sending Polish and Russian ones tomorrow. A quiet day. Monty came to tea and was full of confidence. The Hun has got himself badly placed with two Pz divs SE of Orne and remnants of two more - these with their comns parallel to the front. The attack tomorrow night by 30 Corps (43, 53, and 15 (S) Divs) towards and beyond Evrecy from 112 contour. Should do well. 30 Corps operating towards Noyers with 59 Div supported partly with 49 Div. 50 Div to hold present posns. Have prepared redispositions to get bns into res and also arrangements for the advance.

The CM organisation has taken up much of my time too. This should be good when working.

The Second Army operation should be good and has great possibilities.

Hear from B that Frank Smith is killed and Manton wounded.

Germans tried the surrender business and caught out one sec which was fired on from flank. 3 killed 2 missing.

Wendy Willot (founder of TT Mine) says he has driven the tank truck through to Hottot. We hardly believe him, it is 50 yds short of the road.

15 July

Went out to watch the 30 Corps attack into artificial moonlight but up to midnight only four searchlights. Tool Pillkington Recce Regt, Mike Henderson and GSI Mansell. Got near some shells at Pt 103 so edged slightly Eastwards, by a few hundred yards.

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